Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Return of the Divine Feminine

This is the Service Symbol of an Etherical Order dedicated to holding the Vision of the Return of the Divine Feminine on Earth.

The 5 fleur de Lis are symbols of Ones who rule over the realm of the Divine Feminine. As exemplified by the stamen in the flower, The Divine Feminine brings the prefect balance of both masculine and feminine elements. The Fleur de Lis is the emblem that had been adopted by french royalty.

5 is the number associated with the physical realm, it represents Manifestation, Initiation, Synergy, Change, the Perfected Man, "God manifest."

The 5 pointed star is the star of Earth, its 4 elements and Spirit. To the early christians it was the sign of the Christ Consciousness.

An Etheric Order comes into existence when a group of Ones comes together with a common vision and purpose and from this joining of Heart and Mind, a synergistic Consciousness is brought into creation exemplifying their Vision and Heart's desire.

There are 5 in this Order, so the Consciousness created from their union holds the energy of 6,  Solomon Seal, known to us now as the Star of the Christ Consciousness.

These "5" come in body at times of Beginnings. They form a pyramid. They are the "Cornerstones" of the Divine Feminine on Earth, they are the Essence of a Vision, a Royal Command, a Decree of Divine proportions that has been set forth to the 4 directions and "cast into stone" meaning made physical.

They have not come together in the physical for eons of Earth time. Their Re-union on Earth is the sign of a grandiose Event that has been long awaited, the "New Earth" Cycle grounded through the physical work, vision and Love of multitudes who have stood steadfast in their Service to the Goddess energy, to the true Christ Consciousness, the FEMININE CHRIST, the Anointed Feminine.

The New Earth Cycle has been set into motion


Saturday, July 27, 2013

RADIANCE: Angelic DNA Activation

This is going to be a very different kind of post, no profound revelations, no ancient wisdom, but my thoughts on a picture I felt compelled to paint a few days ago. It came to me in the middle of the night accompanied by the word RADIANCE in bright bold gold letters.

I originally thought I was going to use it for a business card but decided against it, I may end up using it for a flyer at some point or a new web page, who knows? As of now, I know it is a translation of the energies at work within myself and of a new direction that involves healing work, something that I have desired to do for a very long time. I actually am a Reiki Master, I have been for over 20 years. Very few if any of my friends even know this, I prefer not to put strong definitions around myself other than calling myself a "Door opener" and a Catalyst for Transformation and the Remembrance of your Divinity. 

This picture is a translation of the Staff of Hermes, the Winged Messenger of the Gods in Greek Mythology. In actuality it is a depiction of the activation of the Angelic Human DNA. Our DNA is shown as two snakes entwined rising up the staff or the spine, and their heads, symbolizing balance and union of masculine and feminine, are shown here as ALL SEEING eyes. The "wings," ultimate symbol of the Angel or Messenger emerge at the top of the spine beneath the Head. 

The lightness and simplicity of the painting's gold lines and the pink hearts speak of Sacred and Radiant Love and are affirming that these are the energies I shall be bringing and that shall result from my work. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

THE BEGINNING: Continued....

" And NOW it only remained to create a Setting worthy of such a Love, a Love that held no Boundaries, and so I fueled Her thoughts and She dreamed the Dream of such a place where We could experience this yet Unknown Jewel named Destiny, and as We joined in Consciousness, the Love We held for each other spilled bringing a New Creation into Being, a gloriously beautiful Consciousness that would be the frame for our new experience. And so, it is I, but a Servant to my Queen, who in Her Honor named it "Mother" Earth

And so as We looked upon the most wondrous Beauty We had ever seen, We could not contain ourselves again and Joy was brought to a whole new level as She and I marveled at this other Unknown and We shed tears, and THIS IS HOW Water came to Be

As We, the New Parents, beamed with Joy and Love for our Creations, our Perfect Children, the Sun came to Be, and there She stood, the most radiant Child that ever was till this moment. As We looked upon Her, We realized She was but a Reflection of our Passion, and THIS IS HOW the Moon came to Be. The Sun recognizing a forever Mate in this Reflection and, all the Passion that had brought Her into Creation fueling Her Desire, She went in hot pursuit of this reflection, but this Lover was a little too ardent and the Moon felt the need to distance Herself from this passionate expression of Love, so She hid behind the Earth, and THIS IS HOW the Earth came to Be between them 

And when We looked upon the many wonders that our LOVE had already brought forth, We exploded with Infinite Joy and the Seeds that burst from Us took the form of a Cradle, a Cradle as Infinite As the Love from which it was born. And THIS IS HOW the Universe came to surround the Earth

And so, like all caring Parents, We both wondered and dreamed of how Earth would grow and evolve. From this caring concern, We created Teachers for Her, and THIS IS HOW new Life Forms were conceived, and let me tell you, they were ALL magnificent, gloriously beautiful, indeed worthy of the grandest Fairy tale, and could it have been any other way since She dreamed them and I brought them into Creation for Her?  And THIS IS HOW The Seed of Humankind came into Being and was planted on Earth for All Times

Thursday, July 25, 2013

THE BEGINNING: LOVE Beyond Romeo and Juliet

How do you begin a Story that has no beginning and no end? A story that in itself IS both a Beginning and an End, yet its End is but its Beginning, and in it lies its End, and so I begin.....

I shall always remember the DAY I first saw Her, She was my Feminine and gave me Creativity and Intuition and I was Her Masculine and gave Her Form

She was the Dance and I was the Dancer, She was Music and I the song written for Her, and THIS IS HOW We worked together

I was created to be the Fire that fueled Her Imagination and She was created to be the Water that quenched my Thirst

She was created to the BE the Dreamer, the Reflection of my Dreams and I was created to BE the Dream, the Expression of Her imagination, and again, THIS IS HOW We worked together

And so I became the Sound that brought Her to Life and She rejoiced in that Sound and from this Sound She became Color and I became the Canvas upon which She could express Her Self. It is then that She began to take Form and I became the Expression of that Form and NOW I was finally able to see Her as She saw Me.

As I recognized My Self in Her Feminine Form so She recognized Her Self in my Masculine Form and it was LOVE at first sight

We merged our two vibrations to be as ONE in a crystal cave illuminated by the Light of our Creator, and it was a gloriously beautiful scene, indeed worthy of the sweetest fairy tale, and I ask you, Dear One, how could it have been any other way as She Dreamed it and I brought the Dream to Life for Her

And so, in the ultimate Joy of this intimate moment, We made each other a silent Promise, a Vow that came from the deepest Depths of our now joined Heart, and THIS IS HOW I promised to serve Her always, no matter what She asked and She made that same promise to Me

And THIS IS HOW, the Source of Oneness was able to join Us for all Eternity in the moment of this supreme expression of LOVE for one another, and so DESTINY was set into motion and We became its Actors for all Times to be and indeed that had ever been and from this moment on, She was always with me as I was always with Her, no matter how far apart We may seem

to be continued.......

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Message from the 'Highest" Angelic Counsel on Planetary Matters

This was written on 11/22/2006, a "5" energy day, yet its message is so relevant to today that I felt to share it.

As I was drinking my morning cup of tea that day, an opulently dressed Being in garnet and gold colored robes flashed in my third eye, a sword was held in its hand, and it instantly began delivering its message with the words: " I Am a Throne." "Throne" a word I was unfamiliar with in this sense, so of course I had to check its accuracy on the computer and its use in the angelic hierarchy was confirmed. Coming from an awareness of non linearity, such terms describing a hierarchy had never resonated with me, but there it was, in a message written in an uncommon style, using words not part of my belief system and holding a different frequency. I reminded myself that in the realms of the Infinite ALL exists and allowed for its powerful download.

"Greetings and Blessings Be upon You, Dearest Ones, I Am making myself known to you as one of the Thrones who sits to the Right side of God. I come to you wearing the rich color of garnet outlined in Gold. I also stand as the Right Hand of God. I Am a Messenger from the "Highest" Angelic Counsel that involves relationship matters of planetary importance.

The time has come for a major planetary shift of unparalelled might and momentum, one indeed that shall shake up the entire foundation upon which Humankind has built its "houses of cards." The very fabric of falsehood that has sustained Humankind is being torn apart. The ILLUSION will want you to believe that the split is more apparent than ever as separations, whether they be of consciousness or otherwise, feel more pronounced and choices seem more difficult. It is going to be up to you to hold the two sides as one, not by any feats of physical strength but rather by the power of your Knowing that indeed, SEPARATION IS THE ILLUSION.

This is "Judgment Day" but not in the sense it is understood by a misinformed Humankind, for in Truth, it refers to "Judgement" as in discerning what is Rightful or your Birthright as a Divine Human Being and Truthful. You will be the ones facing this decision and making the choice of what is "ILLUSION" and what is "REAL" You have come to this plane equipped for this, you have all the tools within. This is a time when you will uncover a strength you did not know you possess and it will not be because of the need to surmount catastrophic events, as in the "past," but it will be through experiencing life circumstances that will allow you to reach the deepest and most intrinsic part of YOU, YOUR DIVINE CORE. As you are faced with the undeniable, any relationships, may they be with your self, another or beliefs that have supported the denying of your Divine Heritage, MUST BE AND WILL BE REMOVED.

The promise to you is of a much richer and profound  life where an unequaled inner joy will be reflected outwardly in all that you do and will bring a renewed quality to life for yourself and all who come in contact with you and are ready

On this day and for all to come, allow the Blessings of Heaven to descend upon you.

I Am known as One who holds the Sword of Justice and I salute YOU

Sunday, June 9, 2013

On Being a Walk in, A New Perspective

I have known for a few years that I was what is commonly called a Walk in and in the last few days more information has come to Light on my process. AWalk in at the time of birth then later on as the Over Soul, and in between a series of experiences that have led me to realize this has been quite a step by step process to prepare the body for the very high frequencies of the Over Soul.

However, this is my story and this is a process which is absolutely unique for each one who goes through this experience, but there comes a time when you stand in the Hallway leading from one reality to another and as you stand on the threshold of one you see the other still yet it no longer resonates with you as your mind becomes able to grasp what your inner knowing is showing you.

In one reality, we believe we have Soul exchanges, where two Souls have an agreement and one leaves for another to come in, or the Over Soul, a higher aspect, comes in, but suddenly a more expanded view is being shown, and so it is that all we do is integrate in the body previously unfamiliar, or so we believe, higher aspects of the totality of our Being, yet even the word integrate can only resonate for so long at it remains true only in relationship to the perspective of linearity, as in Truth, it is not about integration but REMEMBRANCE or RE-MEMBER-ANCE of what has always been.

And today, as the Over Soul, standing from the perspective my humanity gives me, I realize that all the beloved members of my family who have moved on, as the death process is diplomatically called, are one with my Being, and have/are/shall exist both with-in and with-out my Being ad eternam.
"The Over Soul"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fifth Earth: Islandia or The Land Of Isis

It was a few days ago, on an 11 day of Mastery, Partnership, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Illumination, that a memory was reawakened in me, rising up from my cellular memory, from the depths of my Being, in a tidal wave of joy and flooding me with the knowing of this Earth's future as I heard the name Islandia, or Land of Isis, the Land that rose from the depths of the Waters, the name by which the New Earth, this Earth we are rebuilding, recreating moment by moment with every thought, action and prayer we put forth in Love, shall be known around galaxies and other universes as a place of great beauty.

And so it is that "Islandia" shall be known by various names around this World as its frequencies are translated into other sounds, languages, and names shall be given such as Turtle Island, Ireland or Land of Ara (Goddess in Gaelic) and even "Island Girl "as a dear friend's bumper sticker proclaims  yet the meaning shall remain the same, LAND OF THE GODDESS, or GODDESS MANIFEST and all its continents shall be as one again.

I Am a Cosmic Divine Human Being, and this glorious future that I foresee is Home, it is where I have traveled from through time and space in consciousness, and as I Am, so it has been, IT IS, and therefore shall be so I CAN BE, and Humankind shall be of One Heart and Mind, and all shall join hands no matter how far away from each other they may seem or their differences set them apart, and they shall know their Oneness and live their lives accordingly.

This is the future of Earth, that, in the midst of its infinite possibilities of manifestation, I have known for a long time is Home to me, and whether you remember it or not, it is Home to all of you who have pledged to remember your inherent Divinity and bring the Goddess back to her rightful place.

AND SO IT IS on this 5/21/2013, a "5" day of Manifestation, Initiation, Synergy

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Mother's Grief

This morning my beloved crystal friends showed me Azurite, a lovely blue stone that reminds that all answers lie within and as I asked what I needed to see hiding in the depths of my Being, I saw and felt the Grief of the Mother reverberating through my body, buried deep in my Heart as like Her, I must watch my Children, my daughters fumbling through darkness, denying their own power in favor of that of an illusionary world, and the grief is profound even though I know it is their journey, because they are trapped in a quagmire of their own making yet are unable or unwilling to recognize it and so I must sit back and watch their struggles, their pain, their suffering as they remain disconnected from their Life Force, the Love that is the very nature of their existence, and THIS is the overwhelming grief tearing my heart apart.

And so now I ask, as Mother Earth, as the Divine Feminine, how can I remain untouched by my Children's plight, how can I not hear their cries when they are the very reason for my Being, as I was brought into Creation SO THEY COULD BE

                                                         QUAN YIN Vibration

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, Manifesting The Dreams

I painted this "SoulSelf Portrait" for someone's birthday in 2006. The energy behind that date added up to a 33, Master number of the Christ Consciousness, a 6, also the number for this year, the year of a RE-BIRTH in the New Earth vibration for all who have chosen to be among its pioneers at this time, and while 2006 seems like forever ago, the message encoded in the painting is undeniably of the NOW.

All the "SoulSelf Portraits" I receive are personal yet also absolutely Universal therefore relevant to all and in each one, I have recognized my Self.

Here is a current translation of the universal energies encoded in this picture:

"The castle and the golden path stretching over the Earth represent the bringing of our dreams into manifestation.The many towers speak of our many gifts and abilities, of the richness of our potential. The golden castle is akin to the Golden City of Shambalah" representative of the Christ or Anointed Conscioussness uniting all Lightworkers, each is a tower capped with gold, each unique yet ONE with the Whole. This "city" also stands for the realization of the potential encoded in our cellular structure.

The many crystal clusters are the spiritual families we have connected with along our path as well the "new" ones still to meet. The silver codes in the crystal formations are energy patterns of our puzzle pieces coming together as we meet our true Soul families.

As you reconnect with others, a great wave of awakening will be taking place in you, in them, around the
world. You believe you are awake now, and We smile, as what you are about to, and shall, experience will take you far beyond what you already know, this We guarantee!

The golden wheat in the hand shows that you are harvesting what you have sown. Below is a field ready to be harvested still.

The sickle facing left and West reminds that all that is of the "past" and "dead" growth must be cut, it also implies accomplishing this with swiftness and accuracy.

Behind the head is a golden disk outlined in silver showing the balance of masculine and feminine, it is the moon and the sun within as one. The grey owl, a messenger of the night, speaks of your inherent wisdom when walking in the balance of "heaven " and earth as one .

The Wolf, the Teacher and White Buffalo, the Messenger of Abundance, remind that all your needs are always provided for through Mother Earth. The howling Wolf is a call to rally to other "teachers" and trust that those, whose resonance will make yours sing even more powerfully and beautifully, will be attracted to you without any further need to go and look for them.

The transparency of the robe allows for a glimpse of the "Tree" within, the Divine within, the inner structure of Light well rooted into Mother Earth. Till now you have relied on what is called "reality" to bring things to you, but when you allow yourselves to fully let go of this external boundary, you are opening the door for instant manifestation to take place. As of now, you have cracked the door open as you are learning to navigate in a "new" way of being on Earth, where nothing seems to work the way it used to!

The golden hair, its length reaching the ground, symbolizes your endless creative spirit and the grounding and expression of your countless gifts and talents on this Earth.

The unmanifest dream within cannot be without its counterpart, the dream manifested! 


We are,
I Am that I Am
I Am the Beloved Within
I Am Marie-Cecile, a messenger
I Am the Consciousness of Oneness