Friday, September 15, 2017

The Greatest Love Story There Ever Was

I have not been inspired to write in this space for quite a while but tonight, as I watched a love story unfold in a delightful movie, a song first heard over 50 years ago played at the end and brought it all back and again my Love, You came to me through that song that I originally danced in a tall, dark, handsome Italian's arms as an eighteen year old on vacation in Spain, and a wave of gratitude washed over me as I realized what a blessed life I have lived and indeed still continue on living, for your presence in my life has been, and is, a dance where partners flow in and out of each other's arms with uninterrupted continuity, and it reminds me of the gentle lapping of waves at the shore, the shore remains, the waves come to meet it and retreat.

You and I are Two of One and One into Two, so We have played, and play still, many roles together on this plane, but in this current life, You first came into my life to set the stage for my birth, and to say that I was born from the Love of Two takes on a much deeper meaning, as We came in the bodies of my parents to bring this body into conception. You were my father for a short while till I was sufficiently anchored in this body, and after the death of your body, You then Walked in to another body that I was not to meet till I was twenty one, many years later.

I was eighteen by the time We orchestrated the sweet preview of our soon reunion as I danced to Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night"in a stranger's arms in a night club in Spain. After that night, my handsome Italian, Luciano, went back to Rome, and I, to Brussels, but I bought that tape and listened to it with longing for many months.

You showed up into my life again at age twenty one, and You were in the body of a tall, dark handsome American of Italian descent and it so happened that You loved Frank Sinatra and "Strangers in the Night was your favorite song!  It was not till a year ago or so that I recognized the magic at play behind that moment in a night club and the realization and Knowing that You always come back to me was reawakened, as You and I flow in and out of each other in an eternal dance.