Monday, June 27, 2011

Walking In Two Worlds, Beyond Time And Space

How do I even attempt to relay what I experienced two days ago, Saturday June 25th, an 8 day, a day where Infinity expresses itself, where Heaven and Earth meet and the timeless magical occurs in the midst of everyday normalcy.

The previous day, my intuition led me to the showing of a documentary on several Eco villages in Europe called "A New We." As soon as the movie began, a powerful emotion gripped me, tears ran down my cheeks as life at the first village called Damanhur was shown on the screen and we were taken inside a mountain where the breathtakingly beautiful Temples of Humankind dedicated to the reawakening of humankind's divinity had been carved by hand more than 30 years ago. The remainder of the movie did not hold my interest after this and I knew that I had come just for this bit of information and that it was primordial that I check out their website the next morning, Little did I know what was awaiting me.

So that morning I sat at my computer and clicked on the website and suddenly I travelled to Damanhur and saw and felt myself in two places at once, both here and there, sitting in the grass at Damanhur, near the entrance of the Temples of Humankind, tears were streaming down my face as I rocked back and forth and I repeated over and over again: "I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE, I KNOW THIS PLACE!" The feeling was, still is, indescribable, for it was without time, no, I was not there in the "past", neither is it in the "future," I was, and still am unable to place a time frame around this experience that was literally out of this world.

So still in two places at once, I clicked on the video tour of the various "halls" inside the mountain, and I was there experiencing the sweetness and power of the energy as I walked around the great Halls, looking at exquisite art work where every line, form and color is of significance in the overall Divine message and much of it was so eerily reminiscent of my own artwork that I am left still in awe at what this all means. What was the purpose of my becoming aware of this place and my connection to it? Did I paint some of the frescoes through the hand of others? Is this my multidimensionality that is again being reflected back to me? I have questions and answers have not come to me yet. Did I travel through time and space, did I astral travel? And I want to say that I traveled through time and space to a place of no time where there exists a place that I cannot be separate from, a place that is Home to me as it already is within myself as it is outside of myself. Still my query feels unsatisfied and full comprehension eludes me, truly a strange feeling for me, perhaps because it is beyond time and space and incomprehensible to my consciousness but fully understood only by the timelessness of my Heart knowing.

Oh in our humanness, don't we love to place a definition around what has none? So I went in search of an understanding of the extraordinary energies at work, and I uncovered an article written by a visitor that did help in shedding light onto my experience while it also deepened its mystery.

Damanhur is built on "galactic" lines called synchronic lines that connect us to the universe creating an exceptionally powerful vortex. There are apparently only two known places as of now, where four of those lines meet, Lhasa,Tibet and Damanhur, yet I have never felt this connection to Lhasa as I have with Damanhur, so there is much more to it.

This community of a thousand people is built where two intercontinental plates meet, the Eurasian continental plate and the African one and from these forces a very rare 300 million year old mineral called Mylonite was created, characterized by its ability to transport energies of the earth. The Temples of Humankind which are built inside a Mylonite vein, then become as a cosmic antenna through which, at the Solstices and Equinoxes, the doors of space and time are opened rendering time travel no longer a just a possibility but a reality .

And only four days ago we welcomed the Summer Solstice, so did I actually experience time travel? And suddenly the answer comes, I physically experienced the 5th dimension where form is energy and linear time no longer exists, where seeing is feeling, while freed from the frame by frame experience that linearity affords I also remained in 3rd dimensional "reality," and so I marvel at the seeming miraculous of my experience as I became aware of walking in two Worlds at once. And now the realization hits me as I recognize the deepening of my Life experience lately, as I paint the SoulSelf portraits, I have been feeling that I am within the cell's nucleus looking at the concealed Divine within and bringing it through the colors, shapes, form and flow of my sacred art.

And the words heard a few months ago come back: "Have no expectations other than those of the Wondrous kind"

Wonders indeed!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Empowered With A Divine Consciousness

On this "10" day the energy that greets me this morning is sweet and powerful. Where did it go in the last week? A difficult week as I dealt with my beautiful Rajah's readiness to leave the body slowly but surely, not a death as I was reminded, but a transformation, nevertheless a painful situation, not without purpose I am certain of that, for nothing is ever an accident and from one loss a gift greater than the loss always arises, so I have found out. So I struggled for days, seemingly unable to remove myself from this very human experience of dealing with the passing away of one so dear and now I can in some way understand how horribly painful it must be for those who await the death of a loved one as the soul lingers on to bring about a completion.

So today, as every morning, my cat on my lap and cup of tea in one hand, the other reached out for my special crystal, the Lemurian citrine lightbrary and the "magic" of who I Am through this body encoded in it spoke to me. I ran my fingers over the futuristic looking graph carved on one of its sides and marveled at the loveliness found in Mother Nature. My eyes fell on a small indentation in the shape of an upside down triangle, a key for me to unlock.  "I Am empowered with a divine consciousness" I uttered the words, unexpected, their truth undeniable as I felt it surge through me with the sweetness and power of a beauty indescribable but only fully understood by the heart. Is this the gift given to me for the ending of my Rajah's physical life?

He came to me 9 years ago, a horribly matted skinny cat, covered in fleas, he obviously had not eaten a good meal in a long time as he fought for survival in a world often blind to the pain of animals. At first I hesitated to take him in, living in a small space, I already had three other cats, all indoors as one of them was a full bred persian. Still he lingered on my front porch, then on the morning of the second day, my youngest daughter heard his name: Rajah, and that he was here for a special reason, chills ran over me as I connected with the Truth of her statement. Feeling a very deep connection with him, I asked to be shown who he was under the disguise of his form and I immediately saw a Feline Being, a tall humanoid form with catlike features, a crown of Light on his head and a necklace of light was around his neck. He glowed with a soft golden white light, and a thin filament of light connected him to this cat's body. To say that Rajah was a very unusual cat is an understatement as a vortex would open up inside one of his eyes at times. Friends often made the comment that He was "me" and I knew the truth of this. Yes, I have known for a long time that he has been the mirror of my own divine masculine, the companion I brought into being to be by my side as I slept, as I rested, as I sat, bringing me such comfort with his oh so amazingly loving presence, and the sound of the deep rumbling of his loud purr I often called the most beautiful purr in the world! So, not your usual cat by any means, a magnificent light being who came to be my reflection for as long as I needed it outside of myself.

And with these last words I now clearly see his purpose and why he is done with what he came to do, to be, and the human part of me is filled with profound gratitude at the gift of Love as I have reactivated another remembrance, the Knowing that I Am empowered with a divine consciousness.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Collapse Of The Structures

It has been a while since I felt to write to express what is within and today's energy of new beginning compels me to go on an exploration.

Last night I went to listen to a respected astrologer, the presentation tuned out to be more a sermon than anything else and only served to re awake my frustration at this person's lack of understanding of the energies at work. The statement was made that we are divine beings having a human experience, yet as I remember my anointing, I know I Am a human being having a God experience.

There was talk about 2012 and the collapsing of the structures, and much stress was placed upon the effects on humankind and the letting go of those that no longer serve. And again I shake my head at the seeming blindness of those who call themselves spiritual people, blind to their beliefs placing emphasis on separation, and I question why it is that those who have obsolete teachings are the ones people flock to! Why are people so resistant to let go of their dis-empowerment? One can claim that uncommon ideas are rejected simply because they are that, but, in Truth, ultimately it all comes down to the beautiful words written by Maryanne Williamson: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, it our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

There are spiritual beliefs, structures, that are becoming redundant in the New Earth energy. Beliefs shall no longer be as we shall be coming from a deep INNER KNOWING. The so called Age of Aquarius with its key words "I KNOW" is almost upon us, and I have come wired for this, functioning in this energy for a long time already, and lately this profound remembrance has been activated to a new level that has me finding it increasingly difficult to listen to those who still preach the old ways, and I wonder if this frustration is simply a sign that it is time for me to come out of the shadow and share my knowing?

I am a messenger human and like all, the message I carry is in my DNA and mine IS active. As stated in my very first blog, I have no need for titles, I hold no diplomas and I have never had the need to study under a guru or teacher, spiritual books hold no appeal for me and it has been many years since I last needed confirmation of what I knew was already within, and a few months ago I uncovered the reason, like an amnesiac who suddenly regains his or her memory, I suddenly saw all the pieces of my puzzle take form and I realized that there never was a moment when I did not know my godhood, that I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN MY DIVINITY. 

Through my artwork and its information I have been a messenger for 11 years now, and as I read again the many pages of information I have written with each SoulSelf portrait, I find very little of it obsolete, if anything I am amazed at all the knowing that I have accessed way ahead of its time. In total honesty, often these days I find myself tired of repeating the same message over and over again, in different terms, but nevertheless the same. Yet much previously hidden information is also being revealed as I look from the perspective of the All Seeing Eye above the pyramid, and the concepts, oh so familiar to me, are quite revolutionary to those who have looked and still see the pyramid as what must be achieved and look to others who have letters after their names for knowledge. The Knowledge I access is within and is not of the learned kind but just IS....Oh yes, a true collapse of structures, structures that have been built on the shaky foundation of false beliefs,  the UN KNOWING.