Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Love Letter to My Self

I sit at my computer on this "10"energy day, I welcome its newness, what unexpected shall it bring me?

A new SoulSelf portrait is beginning to take shape in my mind, its edges undefined as always, colors mostly and a feeling of regalness and power, it calls to me, yet before I begin, I feel to write my thoughts down.

 As I felt to read again some of my posts, it is clear I am writing this for myself, no one else, and is it not the truth that in fact there is no one else but ONE?

So, here I am writing to myself, my beautiful self, the personality of the body that I Am so grateful for, this human part who walks this earth and basically is the feet without which the head, "I" the All encompassing aspect could not, would not be experiencing this physical realm and do what "I "came to do. Whether playing the game of pretending to be human or out of service to a Love grander than the one we perceive through our Humanness, it matters not, both coexist in the realm of the Unlimited.

Oh, my wonderful body, how grateful I am to you for all that you do, to all the cells that are part of your make up, what an amazing creation you are, of divine origin and purpose and I recognize your perfection, my beloved self, for you are extra ordinary, as you show me that the individuality of this one body is but the reflection of ONE BODY

with all my Love, beloved