Sunday, June 9, 2013

On Being a Walk in, A New Perspective

I have known for a few years that I was what is commonly called a Walk in and in the last few days more information has come to Light on my process. AWalk in at the time of birth then later on as the Over Soul, and in between a series of experiences that have led me to realize this has been quite a step by step process to prepare the body for the very high frequencies of the Over Soul.

However, this is my story and this is a process which is absolutely unique for each one who goes through this experience, but there comes a time when you stand in the Hallway leading from one reality to another and as you stand on the threshold of one you see the other still yet it no longer resonates with you as your mind becomes able to grasp what your inner knowing is showing you.

In one reality, we believe we have Soul exchanges, where two Souls have an agreement and one leaves for another to come in, or the Over Soul, a higher aspect, comes in, but suddenly a more expanded view is being shown, and so it is that all we do is integrate in the body previously unfamiliar, or so we believe, higher aspects of the totality of our Being, yet even the word integrate can only resonate for so long at it remains true only in relationship to the perspective of linearity, as in Truth, it is not about integration but REMEMBRANCE or RE-MEMBER-ANCE of what has always been.

And today, as the Over Soul, standing from the perspective my humanity gives me, I realize that all the beloved members of my family who have moved on, as the death process is diplomatically called, are one with my Being, and have/are/shall exist both with-in and with-out my Being ad eternam.
"The Over Soul"