Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Humans Of The Future, Not Aliens

Today is a 10 day, beginning anew, a new level of oneness.

I watched "Ancient Aliens" on the history channel tonight, the program was dated 2010 and it was greatly informative. There was mention of Angkor Vat in Cambodia and the legend surrounding its building by a man who was born from the union of a human with a god. There were pictures of winged beings in texts from India, the Sumerians also had winged beings on their murals. The mezo american civilizations talked about the Bird people. On and on, these types of beings with godlike attributes and many times also their strange crafts are depicted or written about in every culture and civilizations. However, my knowing says that these beings were not aliens, they were simply Humans from a future where we have RE-MEMBERED, meaning remembered that we are one with them, hence the messages or guidance from them to ensure the return to a triumphant future, the return HOME.

Is it possible that having explored ALL or a multitude of possibilities we are now ready to simply tend to our beautiful "Garden of Eden" on this Earth? Having traveled far and wide into the unknown, there comes a time where one says enough is enough as one comes to the realization that the more one looks for what is beyond the known, the more one uncovers new frontiers, new races, new worlds, discovering only but what one wonders about and watching it take form in front of one's eyes as one searches for its presence.

Then comes the moment of clarity, when one finally sees what has been right in front of one's nose all this time, that the return to Oneness is about reawakening the memory that in Truth we never left home and that it is only in our daily imaginings that we attempted to travel to the ends of the universe only to find that it has no end as the unknown that welcomed us was but our own reflection, I Am that I Am and its myriads of expressions.

And so I end this 13th post with an Epiphany, HOME is everywhere and everywhere is HERE. So once more I close the loop, erasing memories of separation. THE NOW IS WHERE I EXPERIENCE ONENESS and linear time is where we are many.

 As I travel back and forth between earth's "past" and "future," I shorten the distance between them closing the gap in consciousness and activating the energy of the NOW. In doing so I open the doors wide for such "wonders" as instant manifestation, time travel and the like.

Yet there are those who will still see Mother Earth in the throes of death by pollution and there will be those who will see beyond the illusion and see Her restored to her former glory as we bring the experience from the void and actualize that She never lost it in the first place.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Am Eternal

Today carries the energy of 7 as well as being a seventh day of the week, 77, another level of Illumination, a time to express an Illuminated Truth, Creation, End of cycle...yes, that I can easily recognize in the light of today's revelation, ending the cycle of disconnection, closing the never ending circle of Life.

After my afternoon cup of tea, my loving white Persian named Rajah on my lap, my musings led me into another REVELATION. In the stillness of a moment in time, the puzzle took form in front of my eyes and in my heart, I NOW KNOW with every fiber of my Being that I AM ETERNAL, I have seen, I have felt, I have remembered the eternal cycle of life, I Am of the NOW, I have brought past and future together for myself and they are forever joined in the circle of life, without beginnings or endings, for where does one begin when one is able to see one's end as one's beginning, and how can one end, when one knows it is but one's beginning. Placing a period at the end of this sentence suddenly feels incongruous. Can one write without using punctuation simply allowing the music of the words, the colors of their peaks and valleys, to dictate the cadenza? Well, WHY NOT?

Who knew that all it would take from me to have access and receive answers to some of life's most tortuous puzzles, was for me to say out loud: "It is my greatest desire to remember who I truly am through this body."

Is the utter simplicity of this not ironic and filled with humor? I look at theoreticians out there needing complex calculations to come up with the same answers that lie dormant within all of us.

As a Human of the "future" I have come back into the past to ensure the return of Humankind of the "past" to Oneness with that of Humankind of the "future." To erase the past one must go into its future to understand its origin, henceforth closing the loop. Now I understand why I always read a book by looking at its ending first! I am laughing, who knew that THIS was behind my seeming idiosyncrasy!

As I come to the close of this 12th post, I uncover the magic at work behind all of them and I am in awe as I recognize the symbolic 12 days of Christmas and the gifts they each bring. Now I see, now I  understand, as I am witness to the workings of the miraculous in each post, I expect the wondrous in all things as the extra-ordinary of my destiny calls to me.

And now that I have closed the loop, for a reason unexplained as of now I feel to revisit my previous writings of earlier onto more, forever more

Friday, March 25, 2011

We Are The Children Of The Elohim's

Today's energy adds to a 5, a day of  immediate change, of synergy, manifestation and the hand of god in the physical and in more ways than I previously even understood or, another day with a profound revelation.

Last night, we had our bi monthly Angelic Human group meeting. It went beautifully and the harmony of our six unique vibrations created a symphony which music sent ripples in the fabric of Humankind, uplifting it and enveloping it in the loving embrace of the Divine Mother and the Sacred Sound of our union in consciousness was heard well beyond the boundaries of this physical realm.

One of the ladies had brought a crystal I had given her a few years ago, and she placed it next to me. It was an Elestial Ametrine, a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. The Citrine was a gold flame in the center of the stone. I remember the day I had purchased it, it spoke to me so powerfully that I burst into tears as I Knew the energy encoded in this crystal was that of my father, the One known as Archangel Gabriel. At the time I was unable to comprehend how this could be, but I questioned not the feeling as I KNEW.

A few years passed and one day I felt it appropriate to give it to the latter friend in exchange for the massage I was badly in need of. A remembrance had been reawakened, and the crystal had served its purpose with me.

Last night, after doing a visualization sending love to the planet, this friend suddenly said "Gabriel is with you"...I told her the crystal held that vibration and I thought that was that....well, I am beginning to realize more and more that there is no "that was that" with me any longer, it is always an opening for something else! And the "something else" did not wait long before it made itself known. As I was readying for the Holistic Festival I shall be attending tomorrow, a sentence popped into my head "GABRIEL IS MY FATHER"  the words rang with clarity and precision, goose bumps covered my body. I felt it was important that I read again the information I had written for the SoulSelf portrait of a little boy in 2004. He was called: "The Omen of a New Humankind: A Human Angel." 

Here is a short excerpt from this: "This child is the synergistic result of the coming together of two energies. He is of this earth plane as he is of the Realms of the Infinite. He is a messenger of Joy, he is the "JEWEL" of two Hearts and in truth We see him as an ordinary child within the realm of the Extra-ordinary. He has come to this plane with a Divine mission encoded in his DNA, he carries the codes of the Christ Consciousness, it is the "level" in which his vibration was brought into being and that determined his assignment on Earth. He is a reminder to all that the vibration of our anointing is present in each and everyone. He has come with those attributes already functioning in his system, but none of it will be fully activated till Humankind is ready.He will know how to "fly" while being human."

The door had been opened to Remembrance and the Knowing hit me with its intensity:

The ones called Elohim's or Gods were seen as Supreme Beings who governed all time and space.
Indeed, many ancient texts all over the world make reference to these, and it is believed that this was the beginning of humankind's troubled history as Humans gave their power away to those Beings who seemed to wield such power over them. I am not here to discuss the validity of this, and I only access the details necessary for the purpose at hand, THAT OF REVELATION.

As my remembrance is activated, again I feel inexorably drawn to venturing where no one has dared to tread before.

In our ignorance we gave power to those whom we saw as Gods and who ruled over time and space, unable to comprehend a yet unimaginable truth as we faced Humans from our earth's glorious future. These supreme beings knew of their divinity, they walked or hovered in bodies of Light, and as I wrote in a previous chapter, were Humans capable of manipulating the time space continuum, and quantum energies.
I am shaking my head, so this IS the time of revelations ....BUT WHAT REVELATIONS, not quite what we all expected I would say.

Questions, questions, and more questions arise from me and the answers surge with great clarity in an endless stream from deep within my Self.

So I ponder the meaning of the word synergy, a coming together of parts, or energies resulting in a creation greater than the sum of the parts themselves,....How can one be greater than the Divine that is already limitless? Well, simply by giving it a Human form, which then in turn realizes it is boundless within its seeming boundaries. So does the synergy result in something that IS yet IS NOT all at once? Is this the meaning behind Shakespeare's question: "To Be or Not to BE?"

What Am I supposed to do with all this information that is sure to throw people completely off? Talk about the energy of Storm, yes, clearing all inessential beliefs, washing them all away, knocking them off their foundation of falsehood, foundations built on a misunderstanding of cosmic proportions. The joke is definitely on us. We are making room for the TOTALLY, UNDOUBTEDLY, RADICALLY NEW!

Last night as we ended the meeting, we each drew a Crystal card, mine was Black Tourmaline, purification of the earth is its message. Oh, without a shadow of a doubt do I recognize this behind what is being exposed and revealed.

Where is all this leading me? Again I am reminded to stay in the energy of the Now, to have no expectations other than those of the wondrous kind....I definitely like that. Alright, I do expect wonders to unfold in my life as well as that of others who like me are ready to "go where no man has gone before" to use a quote from one of my favorite television programs.

I Am a traveller from this Earth's not too distant "future" where Humankind's magnificent destiny has come to realization. I Am here to dispel the aura of mystery that has surrounded the secrets of the "past" and expose them to the Light of our "future," thereby REVEALING THEIR TRUE NATURE, and demystifying the seeming power that ensnared us in false beliefs leading to dis-empowerment.

It is no wonder I like to travel!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unveiling A Gift

Yesterday I wondered about its meaning, today I received an answer, but is it THE answer or simply one answer in a multitude of possibilities?

Upon reading the comments of a friend on the difficulty mastering the technique of watercolor painting, I was reminded of my aunt Marie who was a well known artist in Belgium. She was not only a painter of exquisite watercolors and oils but she also excelled at writing. She was quite adventurous and at the age of 25 she travelled to Greece on her own. Her wisdom was universal, one of her quotes said: "The True artist is the octave of a moment in space." To say that she and I are a lot alike is a gross understatement. Not only was I named after her but in my mature years I look like her. I also paint and write with a definite Aunt Marie flair to it.
So, this leads me to my revelation for today, March 24th, and the feeling mentioned yesterday that I am being reborn....Aunt Marie was born AND passed away on a March 24th. And now I have an answer to my question; "What is the Gift about?"

Again I must go back a few days. A movie about two Ice Skaters was on television and I only caught the very end of it, the part that was necessary for another level of Remembrance. As they are entering the rink to skate, they make the decision to do a move that has never been performed before, it is unique to them and their creation. My reaction was instantaneous, the familiar emotion, the chills, the tears of joy, of knowing, it was all there, but what was the symbology about... the reaction was so powerful I felt the need to connect to a friend to share this. All she could say was: "You'll know."

In the last two days, I have seen many triple and quadruple numbers, all Master numbers multiples of 11, a number of Illumination. Yesterday, I went to have copies made, requesting 4 on pink paper and 50 on white paper, when she was done, the employee apologized as she had inadvertently made 5 copies on pink paper. As I looked at the receipt, the time said 11.11 am and 55 copies. When this happens I pay close attention as it signals a time of rapid expansion for me. And as confirmation, last night I was over energized and unable to fall asleep till 2 o'clock in the morning, I was also assailed by vague sensations of suffocating, as though my body was too small for my vibration. By morning the adjustment had been made.

And  this afternoon I was ready for the Epiphany, OH MY GOSH, Aunt Marie was/ is but another aspect of me, a parallel me. Her passing away in 1984 allowed me to Re-Member or  reintegrate that "me" to this present "me" and now I also have total access to all the gifts she held, and the knowledge of her art is available to me, AND ALL THAT SHE WAS IS IN ME. And the Lemurian Citrine Elestial's message rings in my ear: "You are accessing gifts from other dimensions, past and future aspects of yourself."

"THIS is the gift for today" I hear.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Gift Of Great Magnitude

It is almost eleven o'clock and I am unable to fall asleep. Here I Am sixty two years of age, an 8, and I feel as though my life is just beginning, and an emotion fills me with the truth of this statement.  I have finally reached the moment that I have been waiting for for a long, long time. So I Am an 8 now, no wonder I feel this way, INFINITE is the energy reawakened and flowing through my DNA. Of course my life is truly just beginning, I Am being reborn in a New Life right here on Earth....and I wrote this previously a few years ago with one of the SoulSelf  Portraits. Another Epiphany!

It was last November that I sat in the Gallery where I worked. As usual it was a "dead" day, hardly anyone coming in, and nothing to keep me occupied. That morning I had brought my SoulSelf Portraits portfolio and I leafed through it to relieve my boredom, reading again the wonderful and powerful messages received with each. One sentence in particular touched me deeply and I felt the familiar cellular response as the words sang a song of Remembrance: "Ready yourself to accept a Gift of Great Magnitude as we have prepared  you to enter even further into the mystery of your vibration, and who you truly are." Tears of joy and of recognition rolled down my cheeks as I wondered: "What will this gift be about?" 

I Know I have accepted the Gift, It has not revealed its nature to me yet. Soon I shall know, this is only the beginning of its enfolding and already it feels all encompassing and limitless. In my life I have never felt this that the word even to describe how I feel? Yet today there was a tinge of sadness, I was unable to relate it to anything specific, perhaps it was simply another letting go at unfathomable levels that this body's awareness was picking up on.

To attempt to describe what is taking place is perhaps a futile exercise but I am drawn to an exploration. An expansion in all directions at once is happening. It Is GLORIOUS!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Lemurian Citrine Elestial Lightbrary

Today's energy is a 10, a good day to begin anew, I wonder what form this is going to take for me?

Last Saturday, the day of the perigee full moon, I reconnected with a crystal that I encoded in Lemuria, the interesting part is the knowing that I came to Lemuria from the "future" to encode this crystal with "Future" information pertinent to my journey of Remembrance, so we would find each other in the appropriate timing. Amazing, is it not? How can anyone doubt that we are able manipulate this illusion we  call reality!

This crystal is a marker, its message is THIS IS WHO YOU ARE, THIS IS WHO YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING. It speaks to me and says: "YOU ALREADY KNOW, ALL THAT YOU SEE IN ME IS IN YOU."

Where is all this taking me? I have no clue as usual, it is in retrospect that one recognizes the journey.

What I do feel however is this increasing knowing, realization that there are many "false prophets" out there. I am not referring to the religious community, but the spiritual community who is amongst the most zealous at "teaching" people that they are powerless. Their claim to empowerment is but a smokescreen. You only dis-empower people by telling them to look up to so called "Higher" vibration entities like Guides/Angels and Ascended Masters who supposedly have all the answers for them. INCREDIBLE that no one sees the falsehood of this. Again this is of the old energy, the "past" and its supposed truth shall soon crumble under the mounting evidence against it. I wonder, am I the only one who sees through this? In a sea of vastness, there must be others who also have this knowing. On Saturday, I did meet another who speaks the same language, so we are out here!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


A few years ago someone said to me : " You are a teacher of teachers" and this wording never felt acceptable. I Am not a teacher, I Am a catalyst for Remembrance. We are not in need of teachers, simply Remembrance.

As such my "job" is to bring up different, I shall even say new ways to look at things, people, the world. And people may or may not accept the message I bring.  It will ask you to let go of well established spiritual beliefs.

It shall be not an easy journey this one I have chosen for there will be much resistance to the New Way especially from those who have been respected teachers and long held in honor by others. My message is going to ask them to step beyond their comfort zone, and its purpose is not to dishonor them by asking them to let go of previously held beliefs, but to honor them by the expectation that they SHALL step beyond the previous "teachings." that have supported them and have proven themselves to be extremely valuable and helpful, but allow me to remind all that what was valid in the old world no longer is in the new. We are stepping in to a New Earth, with NEW WAYS.

My purpose is not to step on any one's toes but to remind you have no toes to step on in the first place.

I Am a "major door opener" for people. If anyone wonders if they are supposed to connect with me, the answer is simple if you are reading this or listening to me then YOU ARE. Yes, you signed up to move beyond your comfort zone, and to be honest I realize that this places me in a zone beyond my own comfort as well...don't we all love to have people agree with us!  But then we wouldn't we simply be settling for complacency and where would the expansion be?

Today I received a newsletter that contained a quote from the legendary philosopher John Locke that said : "New opinions are always suspected and usually opposed without any other reason but because they are not already common."

As Angelic Humans, our mission is to change the reference point of Humanity. Our reference point was the old teachings and our perception of them. Our visions and meditations were based on the level of understanding of our consciousness. Guides or Angels are simply a reflection of separation beliefs, they are but You coming to you in a form that fits your level of understanding, or acceptance. There is no one else to go to for information, for resolution but YOUR  DIVINE SELF ONE WITH YOU.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Good Day To Connect With "Family"

3/8/2011, today's energy is that of 6, a number of relationships, family, home, and Home as in the six pointed star, symbol of the Christ Consciousness.

Perhaps it is time to speak of this consciousness that is associated with  the one called Jesus. The word "Christ" is a word derived from the Greek, Khrystos, meaning "anointed," another of those that has been misinterpreted and even though it seems fairly common knowledge among the aware ones, the focus still seems on "him" rather than the message that he, like us Angelic Humans, carried in his DNA, that of our anointing, our enlightenment. We worshipped the form, when all he did was reflect our own anointing back to us.

So, as in a previous chapter, I find myself putting forth the idea that what is incomprehensible to the level of mass consciousness remains unrecognized, unseen and invisible. Therefore we already are walking this earth in bodies of Light.

Here we are Thursday March 10 and tonight is the first evening of our Angelic Humans meetings. A good day as its energy is that of 8, a day with infinite possibilities, a day of balance between Heaven and Earth, a day of prosperity, abundance.

So far, ten people have answered the call, who will actually show up remains unknown. My feeling is that all, perhaps except for one, will. And what does this beginning augur for us? where is this adventure taking us? Yes, I know deeper into the mystery of our Consciousness, but how shall this translate in the individual physical?

It is exciting that I Am putting myself out there more and more, I have wished for this for so long, knowing that there must be a grand purpose behind my desire otherwise I simply would not have felt its intensity, yet the human part of me also feels slightly unsettled, I am so used to working behind the scene and remaining somewhat hidden, and I remind myself that were I not ready for this, it simply would not be.

Well, wonders never cease with me, and I did acknowledge the infinite possibilities of this day. First I must backtrack to last week February 22nd,  a "ten" day of new beginnings and my beautiful daugther Stephanie turned 28, another 10.

I have some of the most profound experiences doing the most mundane things such as the world I have uncovered as I exercise on my treadmill. It faces a wall and on that wall is a watercolor I painted three years ago. Six Delphinium in shades of blues and purples are surrounded by wild daisies and strawberries, a few violets peek from under the umbrella like leaves of the Delphinium. The picture is matted and I have expanded some of it onto the mat giving the impression that one looks from a window into a Summer garden as some of the flowers spill onto the sill. I never really thought anything about this picture till I placed on that wall so I would have something to look at and I found myself going inside the painting during my exercise sessions.

As I go under the protective covering of the leaves, another world greets me. I smell the moist clean earth, it is dark and I feel its gentle warmth, and I loose myself into the amazing Grace of Mother Nature. A few "pill" bugs rush around frantically and ants search for tasty tidbits to bring back to the nest,. Two snails are juicily coupling while another one is feasting on one of the overripe strawberries. A fly buzzes down into this quiet world and buzzes back up into the Sunshine landing on one of the Daisies. A Robin ventures below and for a brief moment disturbs the peace as it tugs hungrily at a worm attempting to defy death and burrow back in its hole. The Robin looses the battle! A Daddy long legs gracefully walks across the expense of dirt and climbs on one of the Delphinium stems. My fifteen minutes feel like two as I loose myself in this world till my timer's ring ends the session. Well, on that "10" day, the experience was greatly enhanced as I visually connected to the "Beloved Within," The Divine "Me" and as I felt a deep and gentle love blossoming from within my Heart toward my self, I saw a beautiful face, it was "me" yet it was not "me", the radiance of the smile was almost blinding,"I love you my Beloved" I said to "It"and "it" answered back to me:"I love you even more," "you are so beautiful" I said with tears of recognition, joy, amazement, all of it into one, "And "you are so beautiful " was the answer. The face remained till we were done with the conversation.  It is was experience whose profundity is beyond description, yet it also simply "IS"

Afterwards, I felt like I was basking in a feeling that I can only describe as just BEING, It felt both normal and exceptional, again I recognized it had always been there.

So, today, while on the phone with a friend, I had another revelation. The Time is NOW for many to reconnect to their "Beloved Within."

The Beloved Within is but the Divine part of oneself that one looks for as one searches for the 'Soulmate, the Twin Flame, the life partner that we think and hope will fulfill all our dreams. And as we believe we recognize this in another, it is merely that in them we recognize the part of ourselves that has been "missing" or so we think. As two fall in love, they are but falling in love with themselves through the other. The woman sees her Divine Masculine reflected in the eyes of the one she calls her husband, or partner as he sees the reflection of the Beauty of his own Divine Feminine in her. Need has been at the basis for the unions of the linear "past," the "Old World" and now, all unions shall be based on the joy of togetherness, each enhancing the other in a dance of relationship in perfect balance, where two shall no longer add up to two, but four.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Catalytic Day

I know we are moving at tremendous speed, we are shifting, transforming. Well, at least I know I Am, and since I Am, so is everybody else.

I watched/listened to a You Tube video this morning called "Humanity is expanding beyond comprehension." I am reminded that what we perceive now is a translation of energies into a language form that our human minds are capable of understanding in this moment only. Yet, I also know that as I venture fearlessly into "future" memories, THE WORDS ARE BUT PORTAL FOR ENERGIES TO COME THROUGH, and I feel compelled to continue on with my explorations for there is a purpose behind them grander than what I am able to perceive now, yet I Know in my Being.

It is my journey told in a heartfelt form that touches the ones who read it and takes me and them further into the Unknown of their Beingness.

By relating my journey of Remembrance, I give it form, thereby placing a boundary of sorts around it so our humanness can relate to it and through which a vibration understood by the heart is able to flow and create an expansion. It is through the Heart Knowing that the Remembrance of our unlimitedness can be truly known and fully experienced. The human heart is of the realm of feelings, feelings are nonlinear and so it knows what the linear mind cannot yet grasp. It is the heart/mind connection that provides the opening for an instant understanding. There are many times that I have felt the reaction of an instant heart knowing without any thoughts having been formulated yet.

I Am a messenger from the Angelic Realms. My service is to the purest and "highest," the Divine Within and the Human Without. I bring resolution of the old. I augur change. I usher the New into you life. I wrote this in 2004.
 Yes, this is who I Am, and yes this places me within the confines of a description when I Am also without boundaries, and this is part of the duality, yet also Oneness. The duality of being both Angelic and human, and the knowingness of my Oneness in consciousness with All That Is. When I write, it is the Infinite Me, the I Am Presence Within that speaks through the words of my finite self, it is the synergy of my human self and my Divine Self that is the catalyst for the expansion in me, therefore in all as well.

As always, I read and read what has come through knowing that this information is part of the steps to my Ultimate Remembrance and what resonates today may no longer tomorrow.When one climbs a ladder one must always let go of the previous step to access the next. Of course our "ladder" is not linear, and when one gets to the so called top, one uncovers another "ladder" and so on ad Eternam.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Humankind Of The "Future," Blending The Qualities Of The Heart With Those Of The Mind

I am unable to sleep, too many memories of this future of humankind are assailing my mind. We are in the process of speeding up time to meet our Destiny. This destiny is not a probable future anymore, Humankind is on a course to meet it, that is my purpose, that is the purpose of the many who shall soon also remember they have come from this same "future."

Yes, I come from a "Future" where humankind has "remembered " its Divinity and fulfilled its Grand Destiny blending both the qualities of the Heart with those of the Mind, where children called "prodigies" now are but the norm, where the kind of knowledge accessed by Einstein and scientists is but a common occurrence. I come from a time where we have conquered the time space continuum and manipulate it so we are capable of traveling through time and space. Quantum physics is common knowledge and its application is child play to us. And to attempt to describe any of it is futile as even though it already IS, it has not reached the consciousness yet so it is beyond  its comprehension and all I can do is relate a current translation in a language form that is understood by all.

Yes, Humankind has the kind of technology which right now seems unreal and unthinkable, yet to a primitive man, would the sight of a car or an airplane not have been also beyond its level of comprehension and fearfully seen as a vision of another world where only the gods live? And I shall even put forth the thought that seeing something that is incomprehensible to the level of consciousness is actually shut out and NOT SEEN.

So we are to go zipping through the stars and galaxies at unfathomable speed, and we used the word unfathomable as even the word speed is the only word at this point in time that can be used to describe what is indescribable. And now we also have the gentleness of the Heart Knowing of Lemuria that draws us back to Mother Earth to tend to our garden because it simply enchants us to watch the slow growth of a flower from seed to seedling to its blossoming glory, or let our hearts sing as we sit at a potter's wheel to observe the slow process of creation from of a piece of clay to an elegant urn. And this is the energy that connects me to my friend Barb, she dreams of a "Yurt" in her backyard and does not understand where this desire stems from, perhaps now dearest friend, you shall remember why.

And now I have another Epiphany, yet I became conscious of this a few years ago already while visiting Cape Canaveral in Florida. I went to see an Imax movie called, "L5, a Station in Space." I saw myself leaving the planet, in what we call the "future", as I saw the take off of a rocket, tears flowed down my cheeks with the agony of the remembrance, "this is when I left the planet," the words kept on resounding in my head. This is also when I accessed a remembrance of one of Humankind's other future and in this one, its advanced technology created an imbalance, as Humans travelled far into the Cosmos and Beyond the great Beyond, forgetting our true origin, we made our home in various other galaxies, constellations, star systems. We explored the universes and became Cosmic Beings, our humanity, long forgotten. Yet underneath it all, there remained a yearning, a longing to reconnect with the energy and heart of our original home: EARTH. So, now with the knowing of our Cosmic identity, we returned to Earth, only to be greeted by the reflection of our own imbalance, a humankind that seemingly had regressed in its evolution and seemed as ignorant of the Divine as we were of our humanity. Yet, we left clues of our return, messages encoded  in many structures through Earth's History to assist us in finding the way HOME. We encoded all possibilities, our demise and our survival, AND we encoded our triumphant return HOME and the Mayans deciphered it in their often misunderstood calendar.

So questions arise as I am trying to make sense of what has none, have we come "back in time" to reconnect with the Heart of the Mother and remember what we knew all along? Is Humankind simply the reflection of our reconnection now looking to a "future" that shall save it from the possible destruction that WE encoded in our "past" and again I am faced with the complexities, or should I say impossibility of attempting to put a frame around something that has none: QUANTUM ENERGIES where "past" and "future" are but ONE: NOW.
And again the realization comes that I am increasingly aware of my multidimensional consciousness yet I can only translate it through the level of understanding my actual mind can handle, and once more I Am reminded that it is the ENERGY BEHIND THE WORDS that matters and not the words themselves.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Am From Both The Linear Past And Future Of Humankind

What a night for revelations! And today's date adds up to a 10, a new beginning, or beginning anew, how very appropriate.

First, I must backtrack to Tuesday, the day I connected with the rutilated quartz necklace. I remember my  friend Barb commenting on the necklace, she said to her it felt futuristic. At the time I wondered why she picked up on this energy but let it go as I did not recognize this in it.

Yesterday, I made the decision to end the previous group meetings I was holding. We had come together for a reason, I am a messenger, that is my "job," so I passed on the message and it was time for me to move on. We shall always remain good friends.Tonight I came to the realization that the connection that brought us together was of the linear past, this was the energy behind this group of six light beings and my "job" was to take all of us and the connection from the past to the NOW.

A few days ago, I was driven to place an ad in the local newspaper, it read: ANGELIC HUMANS, A CALL TO REMEMBRANCE, group forming then my email and phone number. I knew I must end one group then begin another. It also felt that, at this time anyway, some of the others must not be part of this new group. There will come a time for this, but not yet.

Tonight came the epiphany, the new group shall respond to my call because they have been waiting for it, they came especially to connect with me and the others who shall join. Like me, they are timeless and of the "future," of this planet and not just any "future." Together we hold the activation codes/frequencies of Humankind's fulfillment of its Destiny.

HUMANKIND HAS A GREAT DESTINY TO FULFILL. Those of us who resonate with the Angelic Human name and vibration have come from such a "future" where Humankind has fulfilled this destiny.
Regarding the old group and the new one, it feels like there is some catching up to do still from both sides, when this is done, it is likely that those of the "past" and those of the "future" shall come together in one group and this may take place a lot sooner than I realize. I shall let them know about the new group forming and leave it up to them to be in their guidance to come or not. Then we shall have brought both "past" and "future" together and into the NOW and by doing this, all cellular memories where there was an experience of separation from Consciousness of Oneness, or the "original sin" shall be erased from the consciousness of all of Humankind, the good old hundred monkey theory you  know! It will be as though it simply never was, which of course we know in the space of timelessness it already is, we are simply bringing it into actualization.

This evening, "Star Trek: the Motion Picture" was on TV and I decided to watch. This is what triggered the opening into this remembrance as I saw, or remembered my "future" on this earth as a spaceship's captain, even my white Persian Rajah was on my lap in the captain's chair. I also suddenly understood my connection to a few friends who are trekkies, they are of  my "future," and not of my "past." And our fascination with so called Science Fiction is not because of the possibilities it exposes, but rather because it strikes chords of remembrance within us. We cannot resonate with something we do not already know.

And now I am even more amazed as I realize that I am remembering the "future." My previous journey has been to remember my "past" and that I have always known of my anointing. This found again awareness of my "future" and that of Humankind. feels a little strange, it should feel  as though I have stepped into new territory, yet it is not, I already know it and it truly holds the energy of HOME for me. And a great sigh escapes me as I am FINALLY free to express all that I have had to keep hidden in me for so long.

Suddenly, I am aware of my "future" self and it is aware of me as well, and with each exploration it brings us closer and closer together till the day where I shall remember we are but one.

Now I understand why many energies felt so old to me, I could not explain why except that again I had an inner knowing of the energy of the New Earth and the beliefs of today that create separation from our Oneness with Divine Consciousness were definitely not a part of this.

Yes, Humankind has a great destiny to fulfill, and in the future I come from and where now humankind is headed for, it shall be the one race who shall bring all the races as One, IT SHALL EXPLORE OTHER GALAXIES AND SHALL BE THE ONE WHO SHALL CONNECT ALL UNDER SOME SORT OF INTERGALACTIC ORGANIZATION. LOVE, HONOR AND RESPECT FOR ALL SHALL BE ITS MOTTO

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cosmic Anchor

Again today's date adds to a 9. So I am completing my anchoring to the core of Mother Earth.

In this last week we have been receiving a download of very "high" frequencies and they are coming so fast our bodies are having trouble grounding them, as a result, many have been experiencing various symptoms from feeling over energized and being unable to fall asleep to stuffy noses and clogged ears. By doing a "grounding dance," basically a stomping dance and specific arm movements that created a direct path from the Heavens to the Earth, I was able to relieve mine.

The next day I was guided to buy a beautiful and very powerful rutilated quartz necklace. It was not till I was home that I was able to read the properties of the stone. Rutilated quartz acts as a Cosmic Anchor, a subtle energy conduit from the Galactic Center through the Soul Star Chakra above the head and down the central line of the body passing through the Earth Chakra below the feet, and attaching deep into the Earth, thus creating a direct pathway from the cosmic energies of the Great Central Sun into the very core of Mother Earth. Again, I had read the energies correctly.

Even though this feels like it is the very first time we are doing this, in Truth it already is, has always been and shall always be. Sometimes it feels quite strange to be aware of both worlds and be able to actually live comfortably in both, or is it simply that I am living in between, where physical and non physical meet, thus giving me a clear view of both, this is the place where Masters dwell, and yes, of course, we really are all Masters who just forgot we were!