Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healing Through Light, Tool For The New Earth

It has been quite a while since I felt to write in this space, and today's date adding to 12/3, the catalyst, communication and creativity among other things, compels me to share my latest experience which has me reeling with its possible implications.

There has been much change in my life lately, and it is no coincidence that I was drawn to reading the daily astrological reports of a spiritual astrologer. Her card for the week was the "Death" card, which is about change, tranformation, letting the old die because somenthing much more wonderful is coming and while change is a part of my life at all times, it seems that it has been even more noticeable lately as not only is the energy behind my artwork reaching new sublime levels but new abilites of the wondrous kind are being awakened in me, all part of  the New Earth vibration. 

It was but a few days ago that through visualization alone I was able to help heal two persons almost instantly. I became aware of this on Sunday night when I got off the phone with a daughter who was sick, she felt terrible she said and her chest was painfully tight. After hanging up, I instantly saw an energy causing the congestion and visually began sending Light to the area needing release, her chest was covered with a sticky tar like energy, I saw light breaking it up into little floating globules that were flushed down  her Hara line immediately, I sent a soothing green light inside her bronchial tubes, I saw myself bringing in codes of peridot green Light that were placed inside her chest, Light helped her break through a dark casing that held her entrapped and she suddenly grew taller and taller as huge wings of Light shot out of her back, I knew that any remaining symptoms were but residual energy and her body would take care of it. It was not till the next morning, when she called me to tell me that she was fine, that I learned that she felt instantly better right after our phone conversation, her chest no longer tight, she slept well. It took the rest of the Monday for the residual energy to be completely gone.

I shared this with a friend who then asked me to work on her. She had been suffering from a painful sciatic nerve for a couple months and nothing had helped. It was not till a few hours later that I suddenly knew I must work on her as I felt myself go into a well known space. I saw her in front of me, she had her back to me and I asked her to show me what was causing the pain. The hips bones were out of balance, her right side was dark with no energy flowing through. I began sending light to that area and it pushed the hips into realignment, then visually I went down the painful nerve with peridot green light to soothe the inflammation, again I brought codes in that seemed to brand into the skin of her hips, then I felt great joy as I saw tiny wings of white light surround her root chakra, soon they had grown to cover the entire hip area up to the the waist. Later on that day, we met for dinner and I asked her how she was feeling, "much better" she replied. She asked me if I had worked on her between 2 and 2 15pm as her pain suddenly began dissipating and amazingly it was at that time I worked on her. She said that within minutes the ache was almost completely gone and again all that was left was minor residual energy that was gone after a massage.