Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, Manifesting The Dreams

I painted this "SoulSelf Portrait" for someone's birthday in 2006. The energy behind that date added up to a 33, Master number of the Christ Consciousness, a 6, also the number for this year, the year of a RE-BIRTH in the New Earth vibration for all who have chosen to be among its pioneers at this time, and while 2006 seems like forever ago, the message encoded in the painting is undeniably of the NOW.

All the "SoulSelf Portraits" I receive are personal yet also absolutely Universal therefore relevant to all and in each one, I have recognized my Self.

Here is a current translation of the universal energies encoded in this picture:

"The castle and the golden path stretching over the Earth represent the bringing of our dreams into manifestation.The many towers speak of our many gifts and abilities, of the richness of our potential. The golden castle is akin to the Golden City of Shambalah" representative of the Christ or Anointed Conscioussness uniting all Lightworkers, each is a tower capped with gold, each unique yet ONE with the Whole. This "city" also stands for the realization of the potential encoded in our cellular structure.

The many crystal clusters are the spiritual families we have connected with along our path as well the "new" ones still to meet. The silver codes in the crystal formations are energy patterns of our puzzle pieces coming together as we meet our true Soul families.

As you reconnect with others, a great wave of awakening will be taking place in you, in them, around the
world. You believe you are awake now, and We smile, as what you are about to, and shall, experience will take you far beyond what you already know, this We guarantee!

The golden wheat in the hand shows that you are harvesting what you have sown. Below is a field ready to be harvested still.

The sickle facing left and West reminds that all that is of the "past" and "dead" growth must be cut, it also implies accomplishing this with swiftness and accuracy.

Behind the head is a golden disk outlined in silver showing the balance of masculine and feminine, it is the moon and the sun within as one. The grey owl, a messenger of the night, speaks of your inherent wisdom when walking in the balance of "heaven " and earth as one .

The Wolf, the Teacher and White Buffalo, the Messenger of Abundance, remind that all your needs are always provided for through Mother Earth. The howling Wolf is a call to rally to other "teachers" and trust that those, whose resonance will make yours sing even more powerfully and beautifully, will be attracted to you without any further need to go and look for them.

The transparency of the robe allows for a glimpse of the "Tree" within, the Divine within, the inner structure of Light well rooted into Mother Earth. Till now you have relied on what is called "reality" to bring things to you, but when you allow yourselves to fully let go of this external boundary, you are opening the door for instant manifestation to take place. As of now, you have cracked the door open as you are learning to navigate in a "new" way of being on Earth, where nothing seems to work the way it used to!

The golden hair, its length reaching the ground, symbolizes your endless creative spirit and the grounding and expression of your countless gifts and talents on this Earth.

The unmanifest dream within cannot be without its counterpart, the dream manifested! 


We are,
I Am that I Am
I Am the Beloved Within
I Am Marie-Cecile, a messenger
I Am the Consciousness of Oneness