Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Love Letter to My Self

I sit at my computer on this "10"energy day, I welcome its newness, what unexpected shall it bring me?

A new SoulSelf portrait is beginning to take shape in my mind, its edges undefined as always, colors mostly and a feeling of regalness and power, it calls to me, yet before I begin, I feel to write my thoughts down.

 As I felt to read again some of my posts, it is clear I am writing this for myself, no one else, and is it not the truth that in fact there is no one else but ONE?

So, here I am writing to myself, my beautiful self, the personality of the body that I Am so grateful for, this human part who walks this earth and basically is the feet without which the head, "I" the All encompassing aspect could not, would not be experiencing this physical realm and do what "I "came to do. Whether playing the game of pretending to be human or out of service to a Love grander than the one we perceive through our Humanness, it matters not, both coexist in the realm of the Unlimited.

Oh, my wonderful body, how grateful I am to you for all that you do, to all the cells that are part of your make up, what an amazing creation you are, of divine origin and purpose and I recognize your perfection, my beloved self, for you are extra ordinary, as you show me that the individuality of this one body is but the reflection of ONE BODY

with all my Love, beloved

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Depth of Silence

On this "5" energy day, a day of God manifest, of initiation, thoughts run through my mind at lightspeed only to disappear into the infinity of this moment and such an endless Inner Knowing fills my heart that words limit its expression, and only the depth of what we call "silence," a word used to describe what has no sound, barely approximates what I Am feeling as I Am experiencing the abundance of my Being and Oneness with it all, and I rejoice in the humble simplicity of Knowing the boundless Love of my Godself.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Power of The Mirroring Effect

Yesterday, an "8" day with the energy of prosperity and flow behind it brought me a lovely surprise. Someone stopped by to bring me $50, a payment on a previous SoulSelf portrait. Of course I instantly saw this as a message of a change in my prosperity and wondered how it would manifest. Lately my thoughts had taken me in a direction of fear. Seeing my savings acount dwindling without receiving any request for a portrait, as I dipped into it to pay for bills. I found it so difficult to remain in an unconcerned space that I accepted a friend's help to pay for a booth at the Holistic Fair rather than dip into my savings again.

The event went well, I was in a peaceful and joyful state and attracted many people, yet despite much interest and claims of "I want one of these," no one signed up my sheet of requests. This was the first time it ever happened, no matter how well or poorly attended the previous fairs had been, I always brought at least one or two SoulSelf portrait requests into manifestation. Since then, of course, I had wondered what was behind this apparent lack. Nevertheless, despite circumstances I was at peace again, I had subdued my fear knowing I am the creator of my reality. I trusted something would  happen, and it did when my question was answered in an unexpected but oh so clear way on this "8" energy day.

That night, I felt to watch a movie on television of an american boy living in China who desires to learn Kung Fu. His teacher takes him to a sacred monastery in the high mountains where he witnesses a woman seemingly following the head movements of a cobra as she does Kung Fu. His teacher quickly corrects him and tells him that in fact, it is the snake that is following her moves, she is simply using her awareness of the mirror effect to her advantage. He then takes the boy to a room where the Yin/Yang symbol is depicted at the bottom of a pool of a water and has him look into his reflection to visually understand that everything and everyone is but a reflection of him and what is within himself.

This was not something that I did not already know of course, but the visual reminder gave me instant clarity and allowed me to understand the depth and power of this mirroring effect. By paying for my booth with the energy of borrowed money for fear of not having enough, I attracted people who, akin the cobra, were simply the reflection of the fear within myself!

As always, gratitude fills my heart as I recognize the gift I received in the expanded understanding of this profound truth

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Are Not Supposed to Stop The "Earthquake," We Are Simply Supposed To Be Here For It

Today is an "8" day, a day with the energy of prosperity and abundance behind it, a day where the focus is on the flow between two worlds and I feel compelled to write about a simple sentence I heard yesterday on one of my favorite television shows that stirred an "ancient" cellular memory.

As the emotion associated with this realization came to consciousness, I saw the widespread and massive destruction that brought an end to a previous earth cycle, I saw the few survivors in the throes of despair, shock, facing a hopeless future as everything they had built and had worked for was destroyed before their eyes, and We watched, many of us, from a reality beyond the illusion of physicality and We cried with them, We cried for the suffering of Mother Earth's Children for there was nought We could have done. We were not to interfere, but simply be there. By the Light of our presence we brought hope, comfort, and most of all Unconditional Love, a Love that the surviving Humankind was in such need of.

At this time of so many changes, where the truth of the Unawakened is of an uncertain and fear filled future, if any at all, Humankind's cellular memories of the chaos and confusion endured during by the cataclysmic endings of previous cycles have been reactivated. Not only are these events recorded in Our DNA, they are recorded in Mother Earth's DNA. We often forget that We are not separate from HER, We are Earth, made of the same Elements, fire, minerals, air and water. We hold the memories of Her every move, of Her cataclysms and of Her birthing processes. As She quakes and expands, so do We. As We give birth to new life, so Mother Earth rejoices with us

For much of Humankind, the future looks bleak indeed, if not downright frightening. And once again, We are asked not to interfere as Humanity sheds the old skin and suffers the throes of a death and rebirth process. We are to simply hold the frequency of Love for them, to en-Lighten their world by simply BEING. By Our very presence We bring a message of comfort and hope and most of all of the continuance of the Human race, and THIS is encoded in Humankind's cellular structure as well, and the cells hold the remembrance that indeed, what appeared to be the end of the World was but the ending of a world such as Humankind had known as We are the living proof of it

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creating Magic

Today's date adds to an 8, a day of abundance, prosperity and indeed this was reflected in my life in an unexpected way, through making a new connection, I have opened myself to a greater prosperity.

This July with the energy of 12/3 is a catalyst, what am I moving into? I am the creator of my life, yet I know not what it is that I have created next! And it leaves me feeling restless.

What a strange feeling it is to KNOW that I AM creator, it simply IS, no hoopla about it, no ooh and aah, and in a way it feels like it is taking the magic out of creation, NO, Santa Claus did not bring me the house of my dreams, I am the one who manifested it, NO, no one else is responsible for my welfare or happiness, I AM. Well, haven't I said often enough that I am here to demystify things, to reclaim the power that we gave away to Beings of non physical realms, outside of ourselves and that we saw as more powerful, yet in remembering my own divinity, I also opened the door to the miraculous and a greater awareness of the non physical world and isn't this magical after all?

As creator what is it that I desire to bring into my life at this time? What would make my heart sing and fill me with purpose? Writing, yes, writing, the pleasure of allowing the deepest feelings and inner knowings to surface and be expressed in a way that touches all that read them.

I have reread some of my first posts from last year when I was inspired to write almost everyday and the words would flow from my mind onto the page with ease and grace and I have marvelled at the beauty of the writings. I miss this ability that appears to have somewhat diminished in the last few months, I love writing, and as I read again my last sentences, I feel reassurance filling me as the wording sings a sweet music to my ears and my heart rejoices.

It is my greatest desire to recapture the magic I feel behind the easy and lyrical expression of my thoughts and knowing, to feel again the excitement of early morning inspiration, I reclaim this gift that pleases me so and brings such joy to my heart and I would love to share this gift with many and receive great financial rewards from it .


Saturday, May 26, 2012

What is Happiness?

I have just finished watching a wonderful movie called "I AM" and it raises this question. Interestingly, it has been on my mind a lot since my recent move into my new home.

This move has made me more aware than ever that Happiness is NOT an emotion, but a state of Being. Neither does it have levels, there is no such thing as" happier" and "happiest."
This move, this house, has brought my understanding of this state to a new level of awareness.

After bringing my dream home into manifestation, I wondered what was wrong with me as I felt no happier as a home owner than a tenant in my 860sq foot rental, till I realized that my feelings of what I called happiness had to do with the excitement of stepping into a new life and an expansion, and were not representative of my state of being.

Happiness is found in the connection to the Divine within, it is a state of Being that is peace filled, bliss filled, beyond words and simply IS. It requires no frills, has no ups or down, can be accessed at any time and anywhere and NEVER EVER lets you down.

Our poor understanding of the true meaning of words has had us equate Happiness with the possession of either material goods or finding Mr or Mrs "Right". While falling in love does bring us closer to this state of being than any material possession ever could, it simply cannot support everlasting happiness as the excitement of newness soon wears off and can leave ones involved strangely unsatisfied with each other. I know, I was there even though I had one of those rare marriages for 25 years.

Even if the relationship survives this pitfall, in Truth, it can only be a pale and finite reflection of what is Infinite and can only be found within one's own heart.

Develop a relationship with your Beloved within and it is bound to enhance any personal relationships.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tranformative Power of Love

It has been quite a while since I have felt the familiar urge to write, and a wave of emotion is flowing in my heart as I read the title of today's musings.

Today's date adds up to an 8, infinite possibilities, the Infinity of my Being is what comes to me as I write, and perhaps this is the reason I felt such emotion when I saw those words on another's site. They spoke to me in ways deeper than one can comprehend or explain. They called to me, yes, that is it! Those words called to me, and through them the Infinite of my Being calls to me and again tears are surfacing as I connect to this profound Truth.

But a few weeks ago I moved into a new house, a lovely home that has had me wishing the One I had called my husband for 25 years was in body, by my side, to celebrate, and even though I felt my heart had healed, I suddenly missed his physical presence terribly and felt he should have been here, with me, for this momentous event, for it is much more than a move into a new house. It is a move into the "House That Love Built" that He and I had talked about and promised each other we would be together for. So now I understand at last, that rather than attempting to release the great love we shared so another partner can come into my life, it is time that I recognize that it is an integral part of me, always has been, and shall always be, and is it possible that, only when I accept this Truth, shall I truly be totally free to fall in love again? And an insurmountable joy fills my heart as I come to this realization and I feel Him within myself.

Expect the wondrous always!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healing Through Light, Tool For The New Earth

It has been quite a while since I felt to write in this space, and today's date adding to 12/3, the catalyst, communication and creativity among other things, compels me to share my latest experience which has me reeling with its possible implications.

There has been much change in my life lately, and it is no coincidence that I was drawn to reading the daily astrological reports of a spiritual astrologer. Her card for the week was the "Death" card, which is about change, tranformation, letting the old die because somenthing much more wonderful is coming and while change is a part of my life at all times, it seems that it has been even more noticeable lately as not only is the energy behind my artwork reaching new sublime levels but new abilites of the wondrous kind are being awakened in me, all part of  the New Earth vibration. 

It was but a few days ago that through visualization alone I was able to help heal two persons almost instantly. I became aware of this on Sunday night when I got off the phone with a daughter who was sick, she felt terrible she said and her chest was painfully tight. After hanging up, I instantly saw an energy causing the congestion and visually began sending Light to the area needing release, her chest was covered with a sticky tar like energy, I saw light breaking it up into little floating globules that were flushed down  her Hara line immediately, I sent a soothing green light inside her bronchial tubes, I saw myself bringing in codes of peridot green Light that were placed inside her chest, Light helped her break through a dark casing that held her entrapped and she suddenly grew taller and taller as huge wings of Light shot out of her back, I knew that any remaining symptoms were but residual energy and her body would take care of it. It was not till the next morning, when she called me to tell me that she was fine, that I learned that she felt instantly better right after our phone conversation, her chest no longer tight, she slept well. It took the rest of the Monday for the residual energy to be completely gone.

I shared this with a friend who then asked me to work on her. She had been suffering from a painful sciatic nerve for a couple months and nothing had helped. It was not till a few hours later that I suddenly knew I must work on her as I felt myself go into a well known space. I saw her in front of me, she had her back to me and I asked her to show me what was causing the pain. The hips bones were out of balance, her right side was dark with no energy flowing through. I began sending light to that area and it pushed the hips into realignment, then visually I went down the painful nerve with peridot green light to soothe the inflammation, again I brought codes in that seemed to brand into the skin of her hips, then I felt great joy as I saw tiny wings of white light surround her root chakra, soon they had grown to cover the entire hip area up to the the waist. Later on that day, we met for dinner and I asked her how she was feeling, "much better" she replied. She asked me if I had worked on her between 2 and 2 15pm as her pain suddenly began dissipating and amazingly it was at that time I worked on her. She said that within minutes the ache was almost completely gone and again all that was left was minor residual energy that was gone after a massage.