Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tranformative Power of Love

It has been quite a while since I have felt the familiar urge to write, and a wave of emotion is flowing in my heart as I read the title of today's musings.

Today's date adds up to an 8, infinite possibilities, the Infinity of my Being is what comes to me as I write, and perhaps this is the reason I felt such emotion when I saw those words on another's site. They spoke to me in ways deeper than one can comprehend or explain. They called to me, yes, that is it! Those words called to me, and through them the Infinite of my Being calls to me and again tears are surfacing as I connect to this profound Truth.

But a few weeks ago I moved into a new house, a lovely home that has had me wishing the One I had called my husband for 25 years was in body, by my side, to celebrate, and even though I felt my heart had healed, I suddenly missed his physical presence terribly and felt he should have been here, with me, for this momentous event, for it is much more than a move into a new house. It is a move into the "House That Love Built" that He and I had talked about and promised each other we would be together for. So now I understand at last, that rather than attempting to release the great love we shared so another partner can come into my life, it is time that I recognize that it is an integral part of me, always has been, and shall always be, and is it possible that, only when I accept this Truth, shall I truly be totally free to fall in love again? And an insurmountable joy fills my heart as I come to this realization and I feel Him within myself.

Expect the wondrous always!