Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Becoming Quantum Human Beings

11/25/2015, an "8" Day.

This is a Time where what is, is not going to be so any longer and what is not, is going to be so.
A total revamping is underway, this is a Time of reversal of Journeys, not in the sense of going back to what was, as this is not possible, but as in making decisions, taking directions seemingly in opposition to what was once, and if it seems confusing, it is not, it is that we are rapidly stepping into the quantum energies of our Being and we are beginning to experience the many directions of an expansion and very little will seem cut and dry or feel solid anymore, but get used to it, it is only going to get more and more so.

And so three days later, on an "11" day of Illumination, my understanding and expansion in consciousness since are giving me a greater understanding of the energies behind what I wrote as I uncover a more profound meaning behind its words. The "reversal of Journeys" implies the stopping of an experience or pattern and turning it around, such as reversing the aging process and disease patterns genetically encoded in our DNA

To be continued