Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creating Magic

Today's date adds to an 8, a day of abundance, prosperity and indeed this was reflected in my life in an unexpected way, through making a new connection, I have opened myself to a greater prosperity.

This July with the energy of 12/3 is a catalyst, what am I moving into? I am the creator of my life, yet I know not what it is that I have created next! And it leaves me feeling restless.

What a strange feeling it is to KNOW that I AM creator, it simply IS, no hoopla about it, no ooh and aah, and in a way it feels like it is taking the magic out of creation, NO, Santa Claus did not bring me the house of my dreams, I am the one who manifested it, NO, no one else is responsible for my welfare or happiness, I AM. Well, haven't I said often enough that I am here to demystify things, to reclaim the power that we gave away to Beings of non physical realms, outside of ourselves and that we saw as more powerful, yet in remembering my own divinity, I also opened the door to the miraculous and a greater awareness of the non physical world and isn't this magical after all?

As creator what is it that I desire to bring into my life at this time? What would make my heart sing and fill me with purpose? Writing, yes, writing, the pleasure of allowing the deepest feelings and inner knowings to surface and be expressed in a way that touches all that read them.

I have reread some of my first posts from last year when I was inspired to write almost everyday and the words would flow from my mind onto the page with ease and grace and I have marvelled at the beauty of the writings. I miss this ability that appears to have somewhat diminished in the last few months, I love writing, and as I read again my last sentences, I feel reassurance filling me as the wording sings a sweet music to my ears and my heart rejoices.

It is my greatest desire to recapture the magic I feel behind the easy and lyrical expression of my thoughts and knowing, to feel again the excitement of early morning inspiration, I reclaim this gift that pleases me so and brings such joy to my heart and I would love to share this gift with many and receive great financial rewards from it .