Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Canvas Of My LIfe Awaits My Imagination, My Creation

And on this 11 day, a day of illumination, I realize it has been a while since feeling the urge to write in this space, but a quote by Maya Angelou in which she urges viewing life as art, has opened the door to my creative spirit and the image painted from her words is of the canvas of my life and my body responded in its trusted way in recognition of this Truth.

 It is interesting to note that as I see it today, it is an extremely large blank canvas. Not that my life has been anything but blank, and I laugh, for it has been quite an adventure so far, worthy of the best fairy tales out there, but this canvas I am seeing IS blank and very large, the beginning of a new journey, oh the power hidden behind a blank space, all possibilities are there. Which ones shall I bring forth from the void where my spirit dwells?  My heart sings and rejoices at the beauty I am going to be able to bring into creation, the new adventures of a fulfilled heart and mind as I paint the many hues of my new journey from this day forth.

And so I weave my magic as I mix the colors and apply them in broad bold strokes insterspaced with tendrils as delicate as the threads of a spider's web and I stand in their midst, revelling in the glory revealed to my eyes.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Hidden Magic Behind This 4th Of July: A Marker

The early sunrays and the symphony of colors of my flower garden beckoned me to sit outside this morning, their music calling to my inner music opened the highways of my imaginings and inspired me to write.

The latest SoulSelf portrait is awaiting my willingness to sit down and allow its information to flow through me yet for some hidden reason, this is taking precedence, and as the question arises so the answer is given.

 Today is 7/4/2011, a 6 day of family, service, home and relationship. The 4th of July, Independance Day for this beautiful country that has been my home now for 40 years, and the color bursts of my flowers remind me of the fireworks display that shall grace the night skies later on across the country and unite all americans through their magic. So today many shall sit together with family and celebrate the birth of this nation and in this simple gesture much is at stake for it is a coming together in the energy of Love, a gigantic beacon of Light, shining brightly for the many who are in trapped in the illusion of crisis, the seeming darkness of these transitional times.

I am often amazed at what remains hidden from our eyes till one looks beneath the surface, and today is no exception as I sense a profoundly powerful meaning that has not revealed itself fully to me and again the wondering opens the door to the answer and the siginficance of today is being quietly revealed as behind this celebration is the energy of a marking point, and its momentum has activated the movement of the whole.

For those of us who have chosen to remember now, we no longer are on the cusp, we have gone past the deciding line, we have stepped beyond the demarcation line that pulled us back into the illusion of scarcity and this has created the opening into a prosperous flow for all others of like mind.

And I feel an emotion as a birth within myself is also being acknowledged, a celebration of my independance, of what I have accomplished to get to this point in my journey, what I let go in order to open to the infinite flow of abundance and prosperity, of the many pieces of my puzzle that I reconnected with only to realize it was always complete and a celebratory rejoicing rises from the depths of my being as I welcome my renewed state of unlimited abundance and prosperity, my forever Birthright.