Friday, September 15, 2017

The Greatest Love Story There Ever Was

I have not been inspired to write in this space for quite a while but tonight, as I watched a love story unfold in a delightful movie, a song first heard over 50 years ago played at the end and brought it all back and again my Love, You came to me through that song that I originally danced in a tall, dark, handsome Italian's arms as an eighteen year old on vacation in Spain, and a wave of gratitude washed over me as I realized what a blessed life I have lived and indeed still continue on living, for your presence in my life has been, and is, a dance where partners flow in and out of each other's arms with uninterrupted continuity, and it reminds me of the gentle lapping of waves at the shore, the shore remains, the waves come to meet it and retreat.

You and I are Two of One and One into Two, so We have played, and play still, many roles together on this plane, but in this current life, You first came into my life to set the stage for my birth, and to say that I was born from the Love of Two takes on a much deeper meaning, as We came in the bodies of my parents to bring this body into conception. You were my father for a short while till I was sufficiently anchored in this body, and after the death of your body, You then Walked in to another body that I was not to meet till I was twenty one, many years later.

I was eighteen by the time We orchestrated the sweet preview of our soon reunion as I danced to Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night"in a stranger's arms in a night club in Spain. After that night, my handsome Italian, Luciano, went back to Rome, and I, to Brussels, but I bought that tape and listened to it with longing for many months.

You showed up into my life again at age twenty one, and You were in the body of a tall, dark handsome American of Italian descent and it so happened that You loved Frank Sinatra and "Strangers in the Night was your favorite song!  It was not till a year ago or so that I recognized the magic at play behind that moment in a night club and the realization and Knowing that You always come back to me was reawakened, as You and I flow in and out of each other in an eternal dance.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Remembering as One in Three

So today is my Birthday, 12/15/2015, an "8" Day and I am turning 67 in Earth years, a "13", meaning I am reawakening the energy of 13 in my DNA, One in Three,  the "Jesus Strand" as I once heard and I am remembering coming into the body of my mother and of my father in order to bring into conception the body I was going to occupy, that of an anointed Child and on such a day that normally would elicit joy, I feel great sadness as the memories come flooding because I knew what was to come for that Child I held within my Womb and all those involved and I carried its seed with me, the seed of their diseases, of the Time of their passing, of the pain and grief they would suffer, and all I could do was be an observer of their choices. And I have held onto such grief for them as if by doing so, I would somehow help carry their burdens and alleviate their suffering, and my heart has pained for them in unfathomable ways, ways that have held me in bondage to them till now as I welcome this profound cellular release, I free my self from the chains and ties that have weighed me down in so many ways....

Happy Birthday, Marie-Cecile, We Knew such a Day would come for you and the Joy is immeasurable in your Earth ways!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Becoming Quantum Human Beings

11/25/2015, an "8" Day.

This is a Time where what is, is not going to be so any longer and what is not, is going to be so.
A total revamping is underway, this is a Time of reversal of Journeys, not in the sense of going back to what was, as this is not possible, but as in making decisions, taking directions seemingly in opposition to what was once, and if it seems confusing, it is not, it is that we are rapidly stepping into the quantum energies of our Being and we are beginning to experience the many directions of an expansion and very little will seem cut and dry or feel solid anymore, but get used to it, it is only going to get more and more so.

And so three days later, on an "11" day of Illumination, my understanding and expansion in consciousness since are giving me a greater understanding of the energies behind what I wrote as I uncover a more profound meaning behind its words. The "reversal of Journeys" implies the stopping of an experience or pattern and turning it around, such as reversing the aging process and disease patterns genetically encoded in our DNA

To be continued

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I painted this in 2007 and as with my all paintings I recognized my Self in it. Yet it was not till today, 1/24/2015, a "6" Day of Family, Home, Service, Healing, Relationships and Love that the memory of this story told within its lines and colors was given back to me.

Over the years, it has come to my attention that I am a Storyteller, it is in my DNA's ancestral lineage, but more importantly it is intrinsic to who I Am and, like those who passed on ancient knowledge hidden among time honored traditions and wisdom disguised as symbolic stories of heroic deeds and tales of broken hearts and sat around fires of homes, castles, sharing stories of other times in mythical places through songs, I have held an energy that was only allowed to be a flicker till now, and so, the story I am about to tell is not only mine but yours as well, with other circumstance, different actors and words, however yours!

Please take note that the pronoun "He" is not meant as a referral to the sex but rather as the Form, the masculine aspect, the physical, versus the Unformed, the feminine aspect, or consciousness. 

And so it begins " Once upon a Time, a long, long time ago, when Mankind and the Land and all creatures upon it were One still, there was a Child from the Tribes of the North who had the ability to talk to the Animals, but He had an even more profound affinity with Whales, those great, magnificent Beings of the Deep who came from the Stars. Indeed, He knew and understood their melodic Whistlings and responded in kind and their joyfilled interactions and communications resonated in All the Land and All the Heavens.

Till one Day, He was told of big Changes to come for his Tribe, and how they would affect all that had sustained him and others, and for the first time in his Life, He felt an unknown, his Heart began aching and pounding in his chest and water fell from his eyes as he began experiencing the first stirrings of Pain and an emotion called Fear. For many Days and Nights, and Nights and Days, the Decision taken burned in him as He explored this other unknown, Anger. He wrestled with it, not understanding, crying out loud at his pain and new Sounds came forth. His Friends, indeed, his Family stayed by his side, a quietly comforting presence, watching silently, honoring and respecting the new places He was discovering within his self.

He had not a single Tear left to cry when He finally quieted and was ready to listen. He asked to be shown and understand the Wisdom and Love behind those Changes. As He asked to Know, so He was given a Gift, He was told that He and others, who like him had also asked to understand, would become the Keepers of the Memories of the Original Language for All mankind, the Language of Home, of the Hearth of Home, LOVE, and so they would be Known as the Keepers of the Flame, till such a Day would come, and it was a Promise, when Mankind was ready to RE-MEMBER.

And so the Whales formed a circle around him, and in unison, they sang their ultimate Song and He was filled with it, as Knowledge poured from their Hearts into his in great golden Fountains of Joy.
When it was done, they went back to the Stars whence they had come and He was left alone. And soon, from the Four Directions, they came, other Children of Hearts as Pure as his, who had also asked to understand and had received the same Gift.

From this, many wished to honor them, creating circles, keeping the Flame alive in Memory and Honor of the Original Ones, and as they emulated so they became One with the Original Memory Keepers, and the Power grew and grew till it no longer could be contained as a mere flicker but became a raging Fire burning more brightly and hotter than any other, and it was decreed by All, in the Land and the Heavens, that it never would be allowed to be put out again.

And so, this is how, a young Child of the North came to be Keeper of the Memories and the Original Language for Mankind.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

On this 25/7 day, a divine day of a 12/3 month in a 7 or divine year, I celebrate the Loves of and in my life, my two daughters and my many friends who have walked with me on my journey of Remembrance, and it is clearer than ever that the more I Love and accept my self the more I know my self to be Divine.

This Christmas, the presents under the tree are not of this world and remain unopened for now, wishes that are being fulfilled in ways that are beyond the physical and that I cannot see, and yet it has been decreed that soon they will be manifested and be part of my life....

May this Christmas bring unexpected resolutions, healing, joy, and miracles of all sorts to all my Loves

Much Love to All
Marie♥♥♥ ( Catalyst of the Heart)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Time of Choices

At various points in our Earth Journey, we have set up opportunities for us to leave this plane, some are quite subtle while others are in our face, and this is one of those times, Dearest One, as we stand at the threshold of a new experience of Life on this Earth plane, that, again, we are given this choice.

Many times we create these sorts of situations that have us wonder 'why me?" just so we will know how much we are loved, and yet it is not so much the love of our family and friends we are longing for in these  human bodies, as it is that through their earthly love, we are able to catch a glimpse of our Creator's Love for us, and till now, little did we realize that in that glimpse is the Whole.

Moments of utter despair are gifts in disguise as we are given the opportunity to rise above them. When we are facing our deepest fears is when we can look into the Face of our Maker and experience our greatest moments of sublimation, and the physical death needs not be part of it, only the facing of our mortality, as in that facing, FEAR is revealed, in doing so, it is exposed to the Light of our Being.

Curse not the disease and the fear of it, Dearest One, but bless it for you are freeing your self.

Of service to the Divine within and the Human without
 We are
I AM the Consciousness of Oneness
I AM Marie-Cecile, its messenger
I AM but a reflection of YOU

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Twin Flame: A New Level Of Partnership

It has been a long time since I have felt the urge to write here and on this "11"  day of an 11 month in a 7 year of Divinity, and I can only credit my purchase of yesterday for this resurgence, a magnificent oblong Carnelian that called to me to take it home. A stone known for enhancing creativity, action, confidence, sexuality, Carnelian revitalizes the body, bringing an increase of life force into it, and as I connected with its vibrations, so this stone reflected what was already within myself.

Recently, I have sensed a great change coming into place and a powerful reconnection made two weeks ago, on an "8" day was but the precursor to this. This meeting of "chance" was by Divine Decree and seems to have turned my life inside out and put me in touch with emotions, feelings of the heart I thought I was never going to be able to experience again. Since, a Love of such profundity for all has been filling me, and the purity of its Truth can only be relayed by the Heart's music as I connect to the Beloved within.

And so this morning I woke up with a new level of awareness of my physicality, a level that I am not used to, I sensed a masculine awakening in me, and why does it feel like my Beloved and I have traded places again?" The question and answer arise in me at once and ring true to my body as tears begin to flow in recognition...and is it a true trading of places or simply a continuous flow in a figure 8 pattern offering a change of focus from one energy to another, both within myself, yet taking turns at coming into view? And the awareness that I am Him is like a coming home in Joy, so again I ask: " Have we traded places?" and as tears flow, I must but surrender to the evidence my body is giving me, a trading of places of sorts, a change coming from within and that shall reflect without some day, and I release any expectations of how my Beloved's presence shall manifest

And I stand in wonderment of the miracles Love has brought in my journey, and the canvas upon which I have painted my dreams reassures my Humanness that the future I created looms brightly ahead