Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Power of The Mirroring Effect

Yesterday, an "8" day with the energy of prosperity and flow behind it brought me a lovely surprise. Someone stopped by to bring me $50, a payment on a previous SoulSelf portrait. Of course I instantly saw this as a message of a change in my prosperity and wondered how it would manifest. Lately my thoughts had taken me in a direction of fear. Seeing my savings acount dwindling without receiving any request for a portrait, as I dipped into it to pay for bills. I found it so difficult to remain in an unconcerned space that I accepted a friend's help to pay for a booth at the Holistic Fair rather than dip into my savings again.

The event went well, I was in a peaceful and joyful state and attracted many people, yet despite much interest and claims of "I want one of these," no one signed up my sheet of requests. This was the first time it ever happened, no matter how well or poorly attended the previous fairs had been, I always brought at least one or two SoulSelf portrait requests into manifestation. Since then, of course, I had wondered what was behind this apparent lack. Nevertheless, despite circumstances I was at peace again, I had subdued my fear knowing I am the creator of my reality. I trusted something would  happen, and it did when my question was answered in an unexpected but oh so clear way on this "8" energy day.

That night, I felt to watch a movie on television of an american boy living in China who desires to learn Kung Fu. His teacher takes him to a sacred monastery in the high mountains where he witnesses a woman seemingly following the head movements of a cobra as she does Kung Fu. His teacher quickly corrects him and tells him that in fact, it is the snake that is following her moves, she is simply using her awareness of the mirror effect to her advantage. He then takes the boy to a room where the Yin/Yang symbol is depicted at the bottom of a pool of a water and has him look into his reflection to visually understand that everything and everyone is but a reflection of him and what is within himself.

This was not something that I did not already know of course, but the visual reminder gave me instant clarity and allowed me to understand the depth and power of this mirroring effect. By paying for my booth with the energy of borrowed money for fear of not having enough, I attracted people who, akin the cobra, were simply the reflection of the fear within myself!

As always, gratitude fills my heart as I recognize the gift I received in the expanded understanding of this profound truth

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Are Not Supposed to Stop The "Earthquake," We Are Simply Supposed To Be Here For It

Today is an "8" day, a day with the energy of prosperity and abundance behind it, a day where the focus is on the flow between two worlds and I feel compelled to write about a simple sentence I heard yesterday on one of my favorite television shows that stirred an "ancient" cellular memory.

As the emotion associated with this realization came to consciousness, I saw the widespread and massive destruction that brought an end to a previous earth cycle, I saw the few survivors in the throes of despair, shock, facing a hopeless future as everything they had built and had worked for was destroyed before their eyes, and We watched, many of us, from a reality beyond the illusion of physicality and We cried with them, We cried for the suffering of Mother Earth's Children for there was nought We could have done. We were not to interfere, but simply be there. By the Light of our presence we brought hope, comfort, and most of all Unconditional Love, a Love that the surviving Humankind was in such need of.

At this time of so many changes, where the truth of the Unawakened is of an uncertain and fear filled future, if any at all, Humankind's cellular memories of the chaos and confusion endured during by the cataclysmic endings of previous cycles have been reactivated. Not only are these events recorded in Our DNA, they are recorded in Mother Earth's DNA. We often forget that We are not separate from HER, We are Earth, made of the same Elements, fire, minerals, air and water. We hold the memories of Her every move, of Her cataclysms and of Her birthing processes. As She quakes and expands, so do We. As We give birth to new life, so Mother Earth rejoices with us

For much of Humankind, the future looks bleak indeed, if not downright frightening. And once again, We are asked not to interfere as Humanity sheds the old skin and suffers the throes of a death and rebirth process. We are to simply hold the frequency of Love for them, to en-Lighten their world by simply BEING. By Our very presence We bring a message of comfort and hope and most of all of the continuance of the Human race, and THIS is encoded in Humankind's cellular structure as well, and the cells hold the remembrance that indeed, what appeared to be the end of the World was but the ending of a world such as Humankind had known as We are the living proof of it