Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Beyond Romeo And Juliet chapter three: The Miraculous At Work

" Beloved One I had the honor to call my wife while on this earth plane, I Am your masculine aspect as You are my Feminine, You gave me creativity and intuition and I gave You form,  and this is a Love letter to You.

 So it is that today 11/21/2011, a day of Completions and Wholeness that the miraculous, as you call it my Darling, is at work again as you are about to begin on a Portrait, a gift from a Dear One to his Beloved, that I have the opportunity to let you feel the Infinity of the Love that I hold for You through his, and in the music of his words to her, in his eulogy to her beauty, in the purity of their feelings for each other, and in her open armed willingness to let herself be bathed in selfless love, is the all encompassing sweetest Love there is, the Love of the Divine and so an opportunity is being  provided for you to step, again, through a portal, into a Love grander than earthly love, a Love that I promised you a while back, a Love that no one body may ever contain.....and now you may know the depth of My Love for You through his for her and I know of Yours through hers for him and in this manner you are given the gift of being able to experience and know the completeness of a Love freed from the limitations of time, space, or form and from now on, you shall see and feel in your heart the Joy of "Our Union" through the embrace of all true lovers around the world and as immense as this may seem to you, know that it affords only a minute glimpse of into the infinite vastness of the Love held within our two hearts now as One through the Love of two others.

You have always said that the Love we shared in human form was but a foundation for another greater still to grow from....and recently you wondered at the meaning of my words when I said : " My Darling, You and I have come to this plane sometimes as One, sometimes as two, but never in the annals of this planet has it happened quite in the way that it is about to happen"....well, now you understand, now you know that we are together again as I foretold in the "Ode To Love" I inspired you to write a few years ago."

And as I end this post, I am reminded of another message : " HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS OTHER THAN THOSE OF THE WONDROUS KIND" and I cannot hold the tears back as my heart is bursting with gratitude at this time of Thanksgiving, a boundless gratitude for the unending magic of and in my everyday life.