Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fifth Earth: Islandia or The Land Of Isis

It was a few days ago, on an 11 day of Mastery, Partnership, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Illumination, that a memory was reawakened in me, rising up from my cellular memory, from the depths of my Being, in a tidal wave of joy and flooding me with the knowing of this Earth's future as I heard the name Islandia, or Land of Isis, the Land that rose from the depths of the Waters, the name by which the New Earth, this Earth we are rebuilding, recreating moment by moment with every thought, action and prayer we put forth in Love, shall be known around galaxies and other universes as a place of great beauty.

And so it is that "Islandia" shall be known by various names around this World as its frequencies are translated into other sounds, languages, and names shall be given such as Turtle Island, Ireland or Land of Ara (Goddess in Gaelic) and even "Island Girl "as a dear friend's bumper sticker proclaims  yet the meaning shall remain the same, LAND OF THE GODDESS, or GODDESS MANIFEST and all its continents shall be as one again.

I Am a Cosmic Divine Human Being, and this glorious future that I foresee is Home, it is where I have traveled from through time and space in consciousness, and as I Am, so it has been, IT IS, and therefore shall be so I CAN BE, and Humankind shall be of One Heart and Mind, and all shall join hands no matter how far away from each other they may seem or their differences set them apart, and they shall know their Oneness and live their lives accordingly.

This is the future of Earth, that, in the midst of its infinite possibilities of manifestation, I have known for a long time is Home to me, and whether you remember it or not, it is Home to all of you who have pledged to remember your inherent Divinity and bring the Goddess back to her rightful place.

AND SO IT IS on this 5/21/2013, a "5" day of Manifestation, Initiation, Synergy

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Mother's Grief

This morning my beloved crystal friends showed me Azurite, a lovely blue stone that reminds that all answers lie within and as I asked what I needed to see hiding in the depths of my Being, I saw and felt the Grief of the Mother reverberating through my body, buried deep in my Heart as like Her, I must watch my Children, my daughters fumbling through darkness, denying their own power in favor of that of an illusionary world, and the grief is profound even though I know it is their journey, because they are trapped in a quagmire of their own making yet are unable or unwilling to recognize it and so I must sit back and watch their struggles, their pain, their suffering as they remain disconnected from their Life Force, the Love that is the very nature of their existence, and THIS is the overwhelming grief tearing my heart apart.

And so now I ask, as Mother Earth, as the Divine Feminine, how can I remain untouched by my Children's plight, how can I not hear their cries when they are the very reason for my Being, as I was brought into Creation SO THEY COULD BE

                                                         QUAN YIN Vibration