Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Illumination: I Am an Angelic Human

As I look back upon the linear past of my journey of these last fifteen years, almost everyday held a special event or memory. There were many a time where friends made the comment I ought to write a book, there was that much to tell and to wonder at. So, on February the 21st, 2011, a 9 day, a day of completion, I felt compelled to begin writing of my beginning. As always, I never hesitate when guided this strongly and I question not its purpose, but rather let it flow out of me. And today, an 11 day, a day of illumination, of partnership with God, my first chapter has emerged.

My journey has been a rather lonely one because of a hidden knowing that led my footsteps indomitably toward my purpose: THE REMEMBRANCE THAT I AM ALREADY ENLIGHTENED
I now realize that I chose to remember on my own simply because my cells hold the encoding of my divinity, my anointing and  lately I have had more than a few epiphanies because :  
                                                    I now recognize that I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN
                                                                 This is the testimony that
                                                                 I AM TWO INTO ONE
                                                               I AM ONE INTO TWO

The magnificence of our Divinity is expressed in the humbleness of our humanity and the magnificence of our Humanity is reflected in the humbleness of our Divinity
 I AM but one of the myriads of expressions of ONE. I hold no diplomas, no titles, why would I have a need for them? The desire to study under a teacher or a Guru never arose since I only need to remember. All possibilities exist in the Void, so there is nothing new to learn and nothing new can ever be created. I have never been a follower of someone else's path. It has been fifteen years since I last read a spiritual book as I no longer require confirmation of what I already know. All knowledge is available to me in the moment that it is needed.

I have been told by a few that I am a teacher of teachers, that I am an Emissary of Light, a metaphysical historian of this planet, and I have felt a profound resonance within my cells with each description, yet I also am so much more than those boxes people wished to place around me, I am a gigantic crystal, I am a cosmic Divine Being, the Oversoul of a Soul family, an Overseer and many more other aspects from other dimensions, I am a messenger, I have recognized my Self in each SoulSelf portrait I have painted for over 11 years now, and last but not least I am also a holographic image known as a human being. To put it simply, I am a Catalyst for Remembrance, an artist and a writer. Holding the Divine Blueprint of perfect health with my cells, I am a facilitator for healing at multi levels,. I am also the mother of two lovely daughters.
Life, my creation as I have experienced it in human form, has been the assistant to my REMEMBRANCE, and the word "Life" includes all the ones who have crossed my path, each but a reflection of my Self.

Linear time is the vibration of the NOW slowed down to a frame by frame experience

If I must choose a beginning in this linear illusion, it was November 5th 1995, a 13 day of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration, when I unknowingly, yet coming from Inner Knowing, gave permission for the Remembrance of my Divinity to be reactivated. I expressed this wish out loud following the sudden passing away of my life partner, my beloved husband of twenty five years.

The depth of pain I felt, I later discovered, would not be assuaged by any passing time as it mirrored the pain of the original separation between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, a separation of consciousness translated through the physical death experience. Only the remembrance of our ultimate Oneness would put an end to it.

I knew I could not remain attached to the shell that had held my mate's vibration and that the only way to access the Heart joining that made us as One was through remembering my divine connection, who I Am through this body. For about a year, this was the nightly mantra that put me to sleep.

For years I felt as though I was trudging though energetic "mud,"  as he had been my lightning rod and I must keep myself grounded by any means till the proper timing when I would be able to bring my vibration fully into the body. Most could not understand where I came from, or read me correctly and would see me as an oddity and rather "far out." I remember one person in particular jokingly doing the motions of reeling me back in as I shared some of the knowledge I had accessed.

I have created my life and I came with the inner knowing that all answers lie within my Self and I am a firm believer in walking my talk, so I have, ALWAYS and to the best of my ability, always looked for the disguised energies behind every situation facing me.

My journey of Remembrance has been filled with the most amazing experiences. As I rapidly unveiled my inner knowing, profound wisdom came forth, memories of Lemuria, my leaving the planet in the linear past as well as in the linear future and the young ones to whom I made the promise that I would be back before the time of the Great Changes. Then we would connect again and their remembrance would be reactivated.

I am a Lightbrary, holding infinite information within my cellular structure. Information about this realm and others as well, other earth cycles, the cosmos, other aspects of my Self. I hold a special fondness for the constellation Lyra, Feline Beings, all pieces of my puzzle, being shown just enough to reactivate my ultimate remembrance, and memories upon which I would look back some day and rediscover that I have always known of my Divinity, that I have always been enlightened. And with each memory, every cell  of my Being responded with an immense joy bursting forth in great fountains of gold.

Feeling an especially strong connection to the angelic realms, I can now say that I always knew that I Am an Angelic Human, a Messenger Human, but to limit me to this description is to attempt to put a boundary to a Being who is without them. With this remembrance comes the knowing that I Am INFINITE therefore also simply Human.

In 2000, I opened to one of my gifts and began painting what I called "SoulSelf Portraits." Each came with a detailed message relevant to the individual's path. These translations of the union of the Divine Self with the human self, while absolutely personal are also Universal, so in each I recognized my Self,  messenger of the Consciousness of Oneness." Somewhere deep down I knew I was an Angelic in Human form, yet using the name "messenger" kept it rather hidden except to those who knew that "messenger" is the translation of the Greek word "Angelos."

Several years ago as I sat in a movie theater waiting for the show to begin, I was shown a Being vast as the cosmos. Spiraling galaxies, worlds, planets as well as the one I had called my husband came out of this Cosmic Being and I knew this was "Me." From that moment on, I understood that we were but One and we could never be separate, yet my heartache told me otherwise. I also saw many dimensions where other's "realities" existed....they all are, if you imagine it, so it exists, yet can one truly imagine something since it already is? To attempt to determine which one came first is impossible since actually they are one and simultaneous in the NOW! Only in the dimension where we experience the duality do we see them as two separate events. So again, Remembrance is all that is needed.

Meditation has not appealed to me. I did give it a try a few times over twenty years ago, but I felt no need of this tool to access the energy of "Home" and my "higher" Self, and I have discovered that it actually separates me.
When in need of assistance in the resolution of a situation and recognizing that "guides" are but aspects of my Self, I turned to my "Source" or "MotherFather Creator." In these last three years, the words: "The Beloved Within" have come to mind instead.

I have come back from what is termed "the Future," yet I Am also ancient. More and more future and past now often join in a dance that precludes any separation, and if anything it feels slightly disconcerting to be unable to put a time frame on an event as it feels it is of both the future and the past!

Everything around me is my creation, my home is but an extension of myself, and is energy like everything else, the consciousness of the many holds it in solid form. Einstein said: "Matter is solidified light." I have seen the codes/frequencies of the matrix of many things. Like in Star Trek, we are living in a "holodeck" and we believe it is real! We are the computer that has created the illusion. We are writing the scenario page by page and we play the parts of the characters, yet only one author is there, not myriads as we assume! We are but ONE!

I Am ageless, and timeless, and even though this body was born in 1948, I know that as I shift my focus from the numbers defining who I am and my age to the energy behind them, I am slowing down the aging process and I am already in the process of reversing it. 
                                                           AND SO IT IS

And on 2/23/2011, an 11 Day of Illumination, Partnership with God, The Messenger, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Mastery, I end this first chapter and transmission for now and allow for more to come as I feel inspired to write