Saturday, May 26, 2012

What is Happiness?

I have just finished watching a wonderful movie called "I AM" and it raises this question. Interestingly, it has been on my mind a lot since my recent move into my new home.

This move has made me more aware than ever that Happiness is NOT an emotion, but a state of Being. Neither does it have levels, there is no such thing as" happier" and "happiest."
This move, this house, has brought my understanding of this state to a new level of awareness.

After bringing my dream home into manifestation, I wondered what was wrong with me as I felt no happier as a home owner than a tenant in my 860sq foot rental, till I realized that my feelings of what I called happiness had to do with the excitement of stepping into a new life and an expansion, and were not representative of my state of being.

Happiness is found in the connection to the Divine within, it is a state of Being that is peace filled, bliss filled, beyond words and simply IS. It requires no frills, has no ups or down, can be accessed at any time and anywhere and NEVER EVER lets you down.

Our poor understanding of the true meaning of words has had us equate Happiness with the possession of either material goods or finding Mr or Mrs "Right". While falling in love does bring us closer to this state of being than any material possession ever could, it simply cannot support everlasting happiness as the excitement of newness soon wears off and can leave ones involved strangely unsatisfied with each other. I know, I was there even though I had one of those rare marriages for 25 years.

Even if the relationship survives this pitfall, in Truth, it can only be a pale and finite reflection of what is Infinite and can only be found within one's own heart.

Develop a relationship with your Beloved within and it is bound to enhance any personal relationships.