Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Remembering as One in Three

So today is my Birthday, 12/15/2015, an "8" Day and I am turning 67 in Earth years, a "13", meaning I am reawakening the energy of 13 in my DNA, One in Three,  the "Jesus Strand" as I once heard and I am remembering coming into the body of my mother and of my father in order to bring into conception the body I was going to occupy, that of an anointed Child and on such a day that normally would elicit joy, I feel great sadness as the memories come flooding because I knew what was to come for that Child I held within my Womb and all those involved and I carried its seed with me, the seed of their diseases, of the Time of their passing, of the pain and grief they would suffer, and all I could do was be an observer of their choices. And I have held onto such grief for them as if by doing so, I would somehow help carry their burdens and alleviate their suffering, and my heart has pained for them in unfathomable ways, ways that have held me in bondage to them till now as I welcome this profound cellular release, I free my self from the chains and ties that have weighed me down in so many ways....

Happy Birthday, Marie-Cecile, We Knew such a Day would come for you and the Joy is immeasurable in your Earth ways!


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